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Modern Shipping Container Restaurants

Shipping containers are rapidly becoming a well-known ingredient for building exciting new buildings. It wasn’t long ago when we started seeing those first shipping container structures, and now not only they are everywhere, they are used in any type of building. Among popular forms of this usage are shipping container restaurants.

Shipping containers are very good choices for restaurants for multiple reasons, which we will talk about shortly. There are also many types of shipping container restaurants, and in some cases shipping containers are the absolute best choices for specific types of restaurants. In this article, we will talk about why shipping containers are so popular in the restaurant industry, and some of the existing types of shipping container restaurants.

Modern Shipping Container Restaurants

Why are Shipping Container Restaurants a Good Idea?

As we mentioned before, shipping container restaurants are appearing everywhere and are quite popular. There are many different reasons for this, as any type of restaurant would weigh in what matters to them and choose accordingly, so why have they chosen shipping containers? There is the mobility factor. Many of those restaurants which close down soon after their open have missed the chance to choose a good location for their restaurant.

With shipping container restaurants, that can be easily resolved, as you can pick up your restaurant and set it up somewhere else entirely. Whenever there is an event close by or you think you could earn more by relocating into a more crowded area of the city, a shipping container restaurant can easily be moved to a new location.

We also have to talk about chain restaurants. If the design of the entirety of the restaurant chain is based on shipping containers, then there could be lots of spare restaurant parts in a storage somewhere, ready to be moved to a new location. Think about it; everything is modular, so whenever you decide to open a new branch, it will be ready and operational in a matter of few days. The fact that shipping container structures are highly modular means that you can have a very efficient design as well, since you can change all of them by experiencing within just a few of them. Whatever works well in a few will probably work well in all of them. Plus, it will set up a workflow which will be familiar for the staff, so they could be moved around to various branches should the need arises as well, they will already be familiar with the workflow.

The size of a shipping container restaurant can be anything you want as well. Many choose shipping container restaurants of small sizes; just one shipping container. That size is convenient for a small kitchen and can be moved around easily, but shipping container restaurants made out of many shipping containers are also a viable option, as we can see many examples of those around the world.

Are Shipping Container Restaurants Economical?

We have all seen those new restaurants which fail in their business and close down. The large majority of restaurants close down business within the first year of operating. Although many reasons can be the cause of this, overspending is usually among the most important reasons for new restaurant businesses to close down. Very often, the amount of money spent to open a restaurant doesn’t realistically match the level of its income during the opening period.

Shipping container restaurants usually don’t have this type of problem since they are very economical. Repurposing a shipping container into a restaurant can be very cost effective. Lower usage of construction material, far fewer hours of labor to finish the building, and easy maintenance makes them far more cost effective than most other alternatives.

Modern Shipping Container Restaurants

Some Different Types of Modern Shipping Containers

  • Shipping container fast food chain: We talked about this briefly before. This is a very viable choice, as it is very cost-effective for a restaurant chain to be able to minimize its construction costs. Every restaurant is made out of shipping containers and there are many shipping container designs ready from prior restaurants. Modifying and installing these shipping containers into new locations requires little labor as well, compared to a traditional style building.

Having similar shipping containers also helps with bran identity, as the texture and shape of shipping containers can become part of the identity of any brand, helping brand familiarity among people.

  • Shipping container pop-up kitchen: In general, shipping containers are excellent choices for anything that requires a portable building. Your shipping container restaurant can pop up anywhere it fits. The idea of pop-up restaurants is nothing new, neither is using shipping containers for them, they are just so convenient for this purpose. They have all the attributes of food trucks, except they are more spacious.

  • Portable coffee shops: People are usually attracted to coffee shops with character. A shipping container coffee shop definitely has character and is very trendy, so when you move them somewhere crowded and new, you can be sure of some reception. Portable coffee shops are a real and lucrative business model these days, and there is no better method to set up one than using shipping containers.

  • Stationary shipping container restaurants: The fact that they are portable doesn’t mean that you have to keep moving them around. Shipping containers are perfect building materials even if you plan to let them stay at one location for very long periods of time. Shipping containers are built to be stacked on top of each other for long periods, so with a bit of enforcing, they can be turned into really big structures which can be stationary or portable. There are many examples of big shipping container restaurants around the world which are not made to move.

There are as many types of shipping container restaurants as they are types of restaurants. Even more, considering there are options presented to a restaurant business only and only by shipping containers. If you are considering opening a restaurant, shipping containers just might be that optimal method for you to achieve your goals.

Where To Obtain Shipping Container Restaurants?

Here in Green Box Containers, we have years of experience in modifying and repurposing shipping containers for all sorts of usages. Shipping container restaurants are among the popular choices when it comes to shipping container structures, so you will be in safe hands. Our experts will prepare a 2D model for you based on your desires and requirements. They will be with you every step of the way while you are changing that design until you are satisfied with it, and then we will modify and deliver your shipping container restaurant within 30 days. Look for ideas in our website and social media posts and contact us today!

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