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Purchase Cold Storage Refrigerated Containers for Extreme Conditions

Updated: Jan 20

Shipping container refrigerators and freezers have been the go-to solution for many different types of situations for the past few decades. Their natural purpose is to carry heat and pressure-sensitive cargo over long periods of time, but that has never limited their usage in other circumstances. Shipping container refrigerators are among the best and most popular options for stationary cold storage. Naturally, these cold storages require different temperatures, pressures, and other conditions. All of these conditions depend on what type of material is stored in them, so these shipping container refrigerators need to adapt to those conditions.

This adaptation might happen as easily as turning a knob and setting the temperature to the desired level. In other situations though, it might come in form of radical changes to the entire shipping container refrigerator.

Although there are many conditions that can cause big changes in shipping container refrigerators, here in this article we want to focus on shipping container refrigerators intended for extreme conditions.

What Are These Extreme Conditions?

Any condition with extraordinary temperature or air pressure is considered an extreme condition. These can be extremely cold places such as the south pole, extremely warm places such as the great Sahara, or high on mountains where both air temperature and pressure are considered extreme. As you can imagine, the requirements for a cold storage unit, in this case, a shipping container refrigerator in these types of conditions, need to be very different according to their respective locations and conditions. Other than what is dictated by the environment, these shipping container freezers might be designed to contain very different things inside them, so while the type of insulation and equipment is affected by the outside temperature, the formation of the inside partitions (if there is any), the airflow and pressure within, and the desired temperature are all affected by the cargo in these shipping container freezers.

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How Would a Cold Storage Unit Work in the Desert?

In any cold storage room, including every and all shipping container refrigerators and freezers, insulation is key. Without insulation, it would be impossible to effectively control the temperature inside a shipping container freezer. With poor insulation, the energy cost of maintaining certain temperatures and pressures inside them would be extremely high. And all of that is just for ordinary conditions. In a desert, this insulation needs to be the best possible type, since during the days the temperature could go extremely high. But as we talked about it before, insulation is absolutely necessary for any cold storage room, so that’s not a big change. What is actually a big change from normal shipping container freezers is the need to cover them up in the sun in a desert.

The biggest factor which increases the temperature in a desert is the scorching sun. In a desert, a simple cover from the sun would make a huge difference in temperature, as any person who has experienced these conditions would tell you. This is also the case with shipping container refrigerators and freezers. It would be possible to maintain a cold environment without a cover against the sun inside a shipping container refrigerator, but just like with bad insulation cases, the energy cost would be much higher.

What Would a Shipping Container Freezer Be Like in Antarctica?

If you do a little search online about human bases at the south pole, you will see that it’s filled with shipping containers there. People who stay in Antarctica are mostly scientists. They go there to do their research, and that research usually takes a long time. Since Antarctica is technically the biggest desert on earth, you can imagine that it’s a barren land with no nourishing resources whatsoever. That’s one of the main reasons why there are so many shipping containers at the south pole; everyone who comes needs to bring all their equipment and enough supplies to last there for a few months, and that takes a lot of space. The other reason is the obvious one; when it comes to shipping cargo, there is only one standard, and that comes in the form of shipping containers.

You are probably thinking that it’s already cold down there, why would you need a refrigerator or a freezer? Well, you definitely need refrigerators. A normal refrigerator keeps its interior at a steady 4 degrees Celsius. That temperature is simply non-existent at the south pole. Normal freezers also operate between -16 to -20 degrees Celsius, and those numbers too are not something you find down there. The hottest normal temperatures are recorded during the summer, and those would never exceed -26 degrees Celsius. The coldest it could get goes down to lower than -60 degrees Celsius.

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Would a Refrigerator Require Heating in Extremely Cold Locations?

It might, yes. But that depends on the cargo it’s storing and the temperature that cargo requires. Some cargos are not very heat sensitive if they go below a certain threshold. There are many types of food that would freeze and would not notice much change between -60 and -20 degrees Celsius. But other types of material might be extremely heat-sensitive. As we mentioned before, both the outside conditions and the type of cargo stored inside a shipping container freezer affect its specifics, so a storage that might have cooled the cargo on a trip to Antarctica might need to heat it up a bit once it gets down there.

Energy consumption is an extremely important part of a shipping container refrigerator or freezer in extreme conditions, as energy is not limitless, especially in this day and age. While a shipping container freezer in the desert might be able to get its energy from the sun, that is not the case in the south pole, certainly not during winter when there is no sun at all. For this, and for the extreme temperatures outside, the insulation requires to be something like space-grade insulation to make every last bit of energy count.

Where to Get Custom Shipping Container Freezers Designed for Extreme Conditions?

Here at Greenbox containers, we are specialized in every and all types of shipping container modifications, and since every shipping container freezer in extreme conditions needs to be specifically built for those exact conditions and a specific type of cargo, we think that our services would be perfect to build these types of durable storage rooms for you. When we accept any container modification project, we make sure that we know every detail about the work, from the necessities to all the preferences of the owner.

When it comes to shipping container freezers and refrigerators, we are not facing a new challenge or a special order, since all of our projects are unique and highly dependent on their own individual specifics.

We have already built and delivered many different types and sizes of shipping container freezers, and reinforcing them with more and higher grade insulations for extreme conditions is nothing new for us.

If you have any questions about any detail regarding our work, or if you want to get a quote and know our exact prices, please contact us, we are ready and happy to provide all the details you might need.

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