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Shipping Container Conversion Plans

Shipping container conversions are forcing their way into the mainstream construction business. They come with various attributes that make them amazing choices for being converted into buildings. They are relatively cheap, highly modifiable, durable, and portable. There are just so many of them all around the world sitting in some port or warehouse waiting to be recycled or modified that the eco-friendly necessity of our current circumstances dictates using them. Container conversion is just the new efficient way of doing things.

We have all seen shipping containers being used as something they were not designed to be. From all sorts of houses and garages to portable kitchens and restaurants to apartment buildings and offices, shipping container structures are turned into everything simply because they are flexible and can be modified into anything.

When thinking of shipping container conversion, one thing in people’s minds is their plans. Space management inside a shipping container can be challenging, especially considering the range of ways shipping containers are converted. Here, we will talk a bit about a few aspects and mindsets when coming up with a plan for shipping container conversion.

Shipping Container Conversion in Dubai

What Are You Planning to Convert the Container Into?

Before coming up with any plan for a converted shipping container, the most apparent question is, what will it be? The following questions are: What are the necessities that come with the intended purpose? What is the nature of its environment, where do you have the freedom to make choices and a few other general questions like these?

It’s obvious, but it’s important to note that plans for different types of usages are vastly different. A single shipping container café has a radically different plan from a house built using ten shipping containers. Not only is the intended usage different, but the space given to each task is not even comparable.

It can be said, though, that, in general, single-modified shipping containers have more things in common with each other than structures built using multiple containers. In the latter case, structures made of multiple shipping container conversions are familiar with typical buildings and smaller shipping container structures. They come with similar quality and price to small shipping container structures. They are set up almost as fast as them while being large enough to provide a lot of room for various purposes, just like any ordinary large building.

Single Converted Container Plans

When it comes to plans for single modified shipping containers, although there is a wide variety of them, most of them have a lot in common. Other than the apparent dimensions and general attributes of shipping containers, they are often designed to give just enough space to a human being to do the intended purpose. Take shipping container residents, for example; there is never any space wasted, so every bit of the plan is designed to offer a person enough space to do what they need, but not an inch more. A bathroom is necessary, but it is usually the most compact bathroom you can find. Kitchens are often included in the living area. The sleeping quarters are also either implemented as makeshift sofa beds or are included in an upper space where you could barely sit on the bed, and a grown person could never stand on them. If there are corridors, they are as narrow as they can be.

In the case of businesses that operate inside shipping container conversions, such as cafes, kitchens, workshops, and other similar plans, the principle is mostly the same: give enough space for everything to be practical, but never more than that. A part of a kitchen or café container must be turned into cold storage. A small regular fridge might do the trick, but sometimes a big part must be turned into a cold storage room.

These little details, in general, are why we know our container conversion business to be similar to a tailor’s job. We might be able to say we have ready-made converted containers in some cases, but the truth is that every single business comes with its requirements. Each owner has different preferences, and after years of experience in this field, we know that we must respect our clients to know that they most often know what’s best for them and what they need. We add our knowledge of container conversion to their knowledge of their own needs and preferences, and we come up with a plan.

Shipping Container Conversion Plans

Structures Made of Multiple Shipping Container Conversions

As we mentioned before, the plans of these types of structures can be very similar to typical type structures since there are many ways to create large spaces in this type of building. However, certain aspects can be left to the nature of shipping container conversion when it comes to the plans for big shipping container structures, such as spaces created or separated by the size of shipping containers. There are many ways to create spaces of all shapes and sizes however, as shipping containers can be cut and joined together to create bigger spaces, and something that people often don’t pay attention to is that when you put many shipping containers together, many different types and sizes of spaces can be created by the spaces between these containers.

There are a few limitations to the plans of these significant buildings, and there are many examples. Huge luxurious houses, significant apartment buildings, big office buildings, and even hotels have been made using many shipping containers.

If you took one thing from this article, we would say that it should be the fact that shipping containers can be turned into almost anything of any size. Although the size and nature of shipping containers will dictate a few things in the plan, it’s mostly you and the nature of what you want with the converted container that decides the plan.

Shipping Container Bar Conversion in Dubai

Where Can You Get Your Own Tailor-Made Modified Shipping Container?

You’re already on our website reading this, so please allow us more time to know why you should trust us with your business. Other than practical matters, we have no limitations with what we convert shipping containers into. Our only objective is to give our clients what they demand. To do that, we make sure that we study everything before we come up with anything. We make a list of everything our clients want, and then we do thorough research on the necessities of that particular project. Things like its environment and its practical details.

After we are sure that we know everything, we come up with a plan and present it to our client via 2D models. They can tweak and edit this model as much as they please as long as the structural integrity of the modified containers remains intact. When they are delighted with the model, we start the modification process.

This process is done entirely in our factory, equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure everything is built with the highest quality and efficiency. Still, more importantly, our factory is run by professionals with years of experience in this field. Most of our projects are done and delivered within a month after the order is placed, while all of our products come with a quality that we are proud of.

If you have any questions regarding our work or prices, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide any detail you might need.

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