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Shipping Container Swimming Pool Accessories and Features

Shipping container pools can be convenient additions to any location. Not only they can come in many shapes and sizes, they could be added to any house or location with far more ease than any other type of pool that offers this amount of robustness and size.

Other than the convenient price and ease of setting up, there is also the fact that shipping container pools can come with many options and accessories which makes them capable of offering a wide variation in types of services. In this article, we will be talking about different classes of accessories which can be added to a shipping container swimming pool.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool Accessories and Features

Cleaning Mechanisms

Just like any other type of swimming pool, a shipping container pool needs to be frequently cleaned. There are various ways to keep the water clean, and each method requires its own equipment. Here we will list a few of the equipment examples and methods for cleaning mechanisms.

  • Salt water pool systems: These are pretty common in swimming pools. Due to the nature of saltwater, it is easier to keep the water clean, since fresh water is a better environment for the algae and bacteria to grow. However, they might not be the best choice for shipping container pools due to their more corrosive nature. But with enough study and right types of pool coloring and surface covering, they could become viable options. A normal filtration and circulation system is also required.

  • UV cleaning systems: This method require a circulation system, in which the water goes through the normal filtration system first to be cleaned of bigger unwanted objects. Then, the water passes in front of a UV light inside a graphite housing. The UV light attacks all microscopic organisms and the algae in a cellular level, effectively killing them all. This option is usually a slight bit more expensive, but is also very effective, making sure of the quality of water for prolonged periods, if the water goes through this filtration system regularly.

  • Chlorine method: This is the most commonly used method of all, and it’s been effective for almost as long as there have been modern swimming pools. It requires a circulation and filtration system to get rid of the dust and all the other matters in the water, while killing bacteria, viruses, the algae, and other microscopic organisms is left to chlorines. Since pretty much all methods require a circulation and filtration, this method can be considered the cheapest of them all.

  • Water vacuum cleaners: These systems allow you to clean the bottom of the swimming pool. Although they are not necessary, they make the filtration systems of any type run much more effectively, and it’s good practice to use them to remove dust and everything else from the bottom of the pool. Not only they make the filter’s job a lot easier, they will remove prime habitats for all sorts of bacteria and microscopic organisms to grow.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool Accessories and Features

Partitions and Divider Walls

Shipping container swimming pools can be split into multiple sections to serve other purposes. Some of these are:

  • Hot tubs and jacuzzies: The most popular choice in swimming pool partitions are hot tubs and jacuzzies. Hot tubs require heating mechanisms, while jacuzzies also need air massage systems or other systems which blow water with a little more force. Body jets are also installed in that section of the pool.

  • Cold water pools: Also popular, especially in warmer climates, you can add cold water pools as a partition of your shipping container swimming pool. The mechanism is pretty much similar to a hot tub, except instead of a heating system you need a cooling system.

Miscellaneous Additions:

There are all sorts of other things you can add to your pool, here are some of them:

  • Diving boards: If your swimming pool is deep enough, which single container pools usually are not, you can consider diving boards.

  • Side windows: A very popular feature in shipping container swimming pools. You can install windows of different sizes in your shipping container pool if it’s installed above ground, making it look very interesting, especially when there are people swimming in it.

  • Heater systems: They allow you to control the heat of the water. They are especially useful if you plan to use your shipping container swimming pool during colder times of the year as well as warm ones.

  • Smart pool systems: They give you the ability to control everything in your shipping container swimming pool very easily. You can control their heat, the filtration and sanitation systems all from one panel, and sometimes even on your smart phone.

  • Custom lighting systems: You can equip your pool with custom lights, designed by yourself, and you can control them all by a few touches on your smart phone.

There are many other options available to you, and you can even come up with your own ideas and if they are practical, we will try and help you implement them! Just make a list and contact us!

Where to Obtain a Shipping Container Swimming Pool?

Here in Greenbox Containers, we have been modifying and repurposing shipping containers into swimming pools for a long time. We are a fan of these pools ourselves and have tested them and enjoyed them over the years. Go through our website to get ideas about what you can expect from a shipping container swimming pool, and if they are a good option for you, contact us today! We can prepare your very own shipping container swimming pool and deliver it to you within 30 days.

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