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Some Examples of Shipping Container Police Satiations

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Shipping container structures have gathered so much momentum in gaining popularity that many people who are considering building any type of building are starting to consider them as an option. There are many reasons for the great success of these recycled steel boxes when it comes to building a structure, and every example of a shipping container structure is making use of many of these useful attributes.

Among those who can, and have made great use of shipping containers are the police forces around the world. Mobile shipping container police stations are very common everywhere because they tick pretty much all the boxes in the list of what’s required in a mobile police station. But that is not the only way the law enforcement forces around the world are using them. Here in this article, we will showcase a few examples of existing shipping container police stations.

Some Examples of Shipping Container Police Satiations

Shipping Container Police Stations Around the World

Mobile Shipping Container Police Stations, Hanover, Germany

When we speak about anything built or acquired by any police force, it’s easy to forget how tight the budgets of almost all law enforcement forces around the world are. Everything is paid by tax money, so it’s impossible to save enough money for police forces, since every bit of money saved can be put to good use by the police force’s respective government.

One example of how can this limitation lead to ingenuity is the case of diplomatic guard section of Hanover police in Germany. They were suffering some heavy budget cuts, when they realized that they need to replace the van they used to park in front of the Turkish consulate.

What they knew at the time was that they have little budget for spending on the replacement, it still has to be a mobile unit, and that the replacement was absolutely necessary. They turned to Gesamtkonzept designers’ group for help, and they proposed using a shipping container for the task. Not only it met all the requirements set beforehand by the Nordstadt Police Department, it had so many other qualities which proved very suitable for the job.

The resulting shipping container police station was much more comfortable for police forces to stay in than any van could be. That might seem trivial for most, but for a guard post which requires staying at one place for long periods of time, providing the police forces with a more comfortable place to stay in was already an upgrade. They installed floor to roof windows on the walls of the shipping container, and that way the forces inside could have unobstructed view of the consulate building.

There is also the fact that a shipping container is a much more safe and secure place than inside a van. The steel walls of shipping container provide a far better layer of protection for police forces who are standing watch at an important diplomatic location.This project was approved and executed rapidly, since every party involved agreed on how big an upgrade this is to the former solution, and the cost of implementing it was a fraction of anything else which would offer nearly as much quality, comfort, and security.

Some Examples of Shipping Container Police Satiations

Shipping Container Holding Cells, Blenheim, New Zealand

In 2019, the Blenheim police department had a unique problem to handle. Their holding cells were deemed unsafe in case of the occurrence of an earthquake, and they had to come up with a new solution. Not too far away from Blenheim, albeit on the other side of Cook Strait which cuts New Zealand into two big pieces, in the district of Wellington, there is a prison called Rimutaka.

The Rimutaka prison was already using many recycled shipping containers as holding cells without any problems, and that inspired the local police forces in Blenheim to come up with a solution for their problem. They suggested using repurposed shipping containers as holding cells. These modified cells were supposed to have beds and standard toilettes installed in each cell. Upon communicating with higher ranking officers, one corresponding police commander expressed the necessity of all the minimum requirements of holding cells being met by any provided structure.

These minimum requirements were listed as at least four cells, a holding cell, a processing area, a watchhouse area, a kitchen and toilettes for the staff, secure fences, and a front counter.These were all practical and doable for the police forces of Blenheim, as demonstrated by the fact that a two-cell custody container was acquired and shipped to the site of the police station, but it was never used. The police officials never announced the reason for not using the shipping containers, as everything pointed at the fact that they were practical enough for the situation, and part of the required structure was already purchased.

Where to Acquire Shipping Container Police Stations?

Here in Green Box Containers, our specialty is conversion of shipping containers into anything that our clients demand. We repurpose used and new shipping containers into structures of all types, shapes, and sizes.

If you are considering having an entire police station, or small shipping container police station units, you are at the right website. We take care of all phases of repurposing shipping containers, from design to delivery, although you can order shipping containers to be modified based on your own designs as well. We will be with you every step of the way, and we deliver the end product to your chosen location in a very short time.

If you have any questions regarding specifications and details of shipping container structures, just contact us. Our experts are ready and happy to provide all the details you may require.

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