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The Complete Guide On the Shipping Container Garage

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Green Box is the leading specialist in converting shipping containers and delivering the projects on time to their clients. Varieties of samples are available on their official website, and you can see them yourself before ordering the converted container you desire.

The conversion of the shipping containers into container garages is another successful project completed by the experts of the Green Box. We at the Green Box receive ample requests starting from weird to unique ideas for the creation and conversion of the shipping containers into cafes, restaurants, and even garages.

The Complete Guide On the Shipping Container Garage

As we move ahead in life, we learn to adapt to changes and new methods. We try to make life easier and more comfortable. The idea of converting the shipping containers into container garages helps to keep the cars and certain belongings that cannot be kept outside or in the house safe.

The shipping containers are known to be extremely strong and have a robust structure. Containers are very cost-effective, and they are readily available to convert and at the same time modify the same for different purposes.

Certain additional features can be added to the modified container based on the choice and preference of the clients. All the designs are unique in their ways as the ideas are different and exceptional.

Try the service of the Green Box, and you will never regret taking the step.

What Are the Seven-Step Guides for Having a Container Garage Conversion?

If you are looking forward to adding a garage to your house but don't want to spend a lot of unwanted cash, then you are reading the right post, and you are on the right track.

Shipping containers, as we mentioned, are trendy and even eco-friendly. It is a convenient way to add more room to your house or even backyard. Hundreds of things can be made from the shipping containers, but for now, let us focus on the shipping container garages.

The process becomes easy when you know what is going to be your next step. So stay connected and read till the end.

Choose The Size of the Container

The large cargo ships are built to be able to hold up to 20 million containers. Don't be confused, and the good news is that the choices in the containers are very diverse that you cannot even imagine.

Before going ahead with the ordering, you should consider the size of the container. How many cars do you need to keep in the garage? All these are essential factors when it comes to the choice of the size.

The standard size of the containers usually is 20 or 40 feet. Beyond the stated scope, the bigger ones are about 45 feet, and the smallest ones are about 10 feet.

Choose The Type of the Container

The size of the container depends on the number of cars you need to keep. The type of container depends on the determination and the budget you have.

      The Complete Guide On the Shipping Container Garage

If you are looking for a pretty cheap container, then the ones with a bit of dinge and dent are a good idea. If you are looking for a project and readymade container, trying a single trip container is good.

A single trip container has never been a part of the cargo operations and is in better condition. The choice is yours at the end of the day in choosing the size and type.

The Style of the Shipping Container Garage

Before converting a shipping container into a garage, another crucial thing is to be kept in mind. The style. Here is a simple guide on how you can be creative with the budget and the space you have.

· If you have a compact car, then one container is enough for a clean and tidy single-car garage.

· You can easily keep two containers on either side and even put a roof right between them. This process will allow you to have ample space for multiple cars.

· You have the chance to even stack multiple containers just like buildings around your car storage space quickly.

Once you start with the process, it will be easy for you to realize that building and working with the shipping containers are fun and exciting. It permits you to play around with the ideas and designs until you get the desired shape.

Preparation of the Land

By now, you know how the garage will look based on your preferences. It is time to get down and prepare the land. The containers cannot be just brought and dropped. There is a process you need to follow.

The first step will be to speak to your local government and see if there are any permits you need to take to build a container garage.

After that, it is time to measure and mark the area that you desire to use for the garage. Clear the site if there are any plants and debris available. Finally, lay a basic foundation in the area like a concrete slab or even a steel-footing foundation.

After completing the steps, you are ready to bring in the new member to the house.

The Basics of the Container Garage

The foundation is laid, and you are way more ahead with your container garage—certain basic things to be considered at this stage.

If you are planning to park your car in the container, then the best idea is to position the container and an opening facing the driveway.

      The Complete Guide On the Shipping Container Garage

If you are using the shipping container garage as storage, it is best to point the opening of the garage towards your house.

If the container garage you chose is a used container, there is a need to do some upkeep. Painting, removing the rust and even taking care of the dents is a good initiative.

Time to Upgrade the Shipping Container

Having a shipping container garage is like having a bare canvas. It means that you can design and upgrade the container any way you desire. You can take the help of the following options:

· You can add insulation to the container garage if you are using the container as a garage and storage.

· Adding electrical drops is a good idea if you are using the container as a space for work.

· Take into consideration the airflow and even add some windows to the container garage if you decide to do projects inside the container.

The options stated above are fundamental, but if you need more creative and attractive options, taking the advice of our experts will help you a great deal.

Beyond The Basics

After you have the container garage handed to you by the Green Box, it is time to think about the main and important things. You can still do a lot to improve the dream garage.

· You can add security like cameras and motion detectors, especially if you plan to keep essential and costly staff in it.

· Try keeping a dehumidifier to keep the dampness at bay. In this way, you can give a longer life to your container garage.

· Adding windows can help in opening the space more and let natural light penetrate in.

· In case more ventilation is required, install fans.

If you have the money, you can do anything with it using the shipping containers. After all, it takes nothing to connect to our experts and let them guide you through the process.

Green Box is an excellent converter of containers, and they can "wow" you with their hard work and timely delivery. Trust and customer satisfaction are all they work hard for, and they never let their customers down.

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