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The Most Beautiful Shipping Container Coffee Shops Around the World

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The way a coffee shop looks is always a very important part of its appeal. Before customers can get inside a coffee shop and create an atmosphere with their presence there, or before they can get in there and taste the food and beverages and decide if they like them or not, the visual appearance of the coffee shop is pretty much the only input a customer has for deciding if they feel they want to go in and give it a try or not.

Appearances also tell the story of what type of services can you expect. Is it a cheap coffee shop which is good for take outs? Is it a nice and cozy place to hang out with friends? Or is it an expensive and posh locale reserved for the rich among us? The looks matter.

The Most Beautiful Shipping Container Coffee Shops Around the World

Another matter to pay attention to when it comes to a coffee shop’s success are the financial facts. Opening a restaurant or coffee shop business is always risky. The majority of coffee shops close down business in less than a single year after opening up their businesses.

The reason for that is usually, the calculations which coffee shop owners do in terms of investments and incomes do not add up and result in the investments not being returned in a desired period, and there might be a risk of business continuing its downhill trend and continue making losses.

Shipping Container Coffee Shops

Shipping container coffee shops are not considered a novelty or an innovation anymore. A decade ago, they might have felt very fresh, but now, we are used to seeing them. Why are they finding popularity? A shipping container coffee shop is so much cheaper to set up than a normal coffee shop. It takes shorter to get everything going, and thanks to great minds of designers all over the world, shipping container coffee shops look great and are very trendy.

So instead of talking about why shipping container coffee shops are good and practical solutions (we do that in other articles), here in this one, we will just point at some very successful implementations of shipping container coffee shops. These beautifully designed coffee shops are great examples of successful and practical business models, which have saved money and time before even opening up, while delivering good food and beverage after opening, and most importantly for us, they look awesome!

 The Most Beautiful Shipping Container Coffee Shops Around the World

Beautiful Shipping Container Coffee Shops Around the World Today

These are a few among many greatly designed coffee shops. Not only they provide a great platform for their brands and owners for having a successful business, they are very popular among their communities.

The Roast Republic in Johannesburg

With their mantra “coffee with a conscience”, this beloved roastery and coffee shops makes the wellbeing of its community an important part of its existence. While rejecting the idea of the status quo of mediocre coffee, they spend half the entire profit of the coffee shops to send children to school.If you want the money you pay for your coffee to mean something, this is the place you want to go to. Did we mention how much we love the design?

Illy Push Button House in New York

Industrial Zombie is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company. It first implemented the idea of “Push Button” in a house, which shipped in looking like a normal unmodified shipping container, until you pushed the button, when right in front of your eyes, the shipping container would unfold into a house. The Push Button Coffee Shop uses the same concept. It’s fully mobile and while closed, it’s difficult to spot any difference with a normal shipping container, but once you push the button, it unfolds into a fully functioning coffee shop.

The Most Beautiful Shipping Container Coffee Shops Around the World

Foghound Coffee Shop in Midrand

This little shipping container coffee shop in Midrand South Africa is a great example of providing a compact menu with great quality, and it’s popular not only for its food and beverages, but for the vibrating community which frequents it as well. The perfect example of a wise investment and attracting the right customers.

Starbucks in Tukwila, Washington

This Starbucks café in Tukwila shouts sustainability through and through. Not only it’s made of recycled shipping containers, its roof catches rainwater which is then used to irrigate the plants and vegetations around the store! It also has a unique drive-through system which uses cameras on both ends to allow customers see inside the kitchen.

Freedom Café in Durban

This lovely coffee shop was designed by the award-winning cook book writer and entrepreneur Neil Roake, and it was an instant hit among locals and tourists alike. The great relaxing atmosphere combined with the great concise menu make for a great experience for those who find themselves there.

There are so many other examples of shipping container coffee shops all around the world. If you are interested in having your own shipping container coffee shop, contact us in Green Box containers. We are ready to offer you any details you would need, and we do all the work in converting shipping containers into coffee shops, from design to modification and delivery.

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