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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Container Garage

Shipping container garage is another successful project undertaken by Green Box. Here, the shipping containers are converted and modified into a shipping container garage, and they are handed over to the clients.

As we know, you can either opt for a container garage that will be attached to your house or choose the mobile container garage and place but anywhere you desire with the prior permission taken.

There are many questions asked regarding the shipping container garage like the weight and the dimension and a lot of related questions.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Container Garage

In this context, we will try to go through some of the frequently asked questions and see if you will be able to find your answers as well or not.

On asking about the weight of the shipping container garage, we can say that the weight of the shipping containers is all the same as all are made from robust, durable steel, and steel does have weight.

Further, if the container garage is designed with certain things that will add to its weight, it is a different case, but as far as the shipping containers are concerned, they all have the same weight.

The dimension of the shipping container garage goes from the standard one that is 20 feet and weighs about 4500lbs, the 40 feet shipping container garage that weighs about 8500lbs. You see here the weight vary due to availability of the different size of the containers, but the weight is identical in all the size groups.

Are Shipping Container Garages Durable?

Shipping container garage is very durable. The base is robust steel, and steel is a hard material that makes it strong. Shipping container garage will last long, but it does require some maintenance by the passage of time.

The concept of the shipping containers being in the same condition forever is wrong. The containers are durable, but this does not mean they will not wear and tear after 50 years. If you take good care of the container and treat it well if you notice any rust or problem, it will serve you long enough.

Are Shipping Container Garages Secure?

We often hear that shipping container garages are not safe, and people are afraid to store their belongings or park their cars. It might not have been safe earlier, but now they are very safe and secure.

Many new locking systems make the shipping container garages the safest place you can ever think of. Doors can be secured with special locks and other security systems.

Green Box has provided a lot of shipping container garages to its clients, and so far, no negative feedback has been received either from the quality of it or from the locking system.

A lot of clients found the shipping container garages safe and trustworthy. So if you desire to know more about the details of the shipping container garages, then feel free to get in touch with the experts who work day and night to provide the best to the clients.

Can You Attach Shipping Container Garage to The House?

You can attach a shipping container garage even to the shipping container house if you have one. There is no restriction and issues. You can even opt for a mobile container garage and get it placed anywhere you desire. True, you cannot take a shipping container garage and place it anywhere you want as there are land laws and certain restrictions.

If you want to be on the safe side, it is better to ask the respective people in charge about the land rules and laws before opting for the mobile shipping container garage. Often container garage is an excellent idea for those who have a very crowded street, and they never find a place to park their cars. So, if you are not aware of the land laws in your location, make sure you get to know all before putting in your time and money for the process of shipping container garage preparation.

Can You Upgrade Your Shipping Container Garage?

Talking about the shipping container garage, we can say that we are talking about a bare space, and we have the full potential of upgrading the garage to any space we desire.

For example, insulations can be added to the container garage if the container garage is being used for storage purposes and not parking cars.

Or electrical drop can be added if you desire to use the shipping container garage as a workspace. Finally, you can even think about installing windows for the air circulation if the shipping container garage will serve as a space for your projects.

There can be a lot of other upgrading options that you can think of. In the end, it's all about the purpose that the container garage is going to be used and the ideas that should be implemented.

Can Green Box Provide All That We Desire?

Suppose there is a single company that promises you the best quality product in a short period, that is Green Box, without any doubt. These are not just words, and Green Box has proven itself to the world and its clients. The experts in the Green Box walk in the same path with the clients, and they try to assist the clients in any way they can until they get what they desire.

You can easily get in touch with Green Box by just visiting the official website and getting in touch with our clients.

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