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The Most Modern Container Buildings in UAE

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

During the past few decades, the UAE has witnessed a grown rarely seen in human history. Cities are emerging from the desert and developing to be not only habitats in a harsh environment, but comfortable and modern cities with a vast range of opportunities. This fast growth during recent times has caused cities in the UAE to be open to every and all types of innovation, and nothing screams practicality and innovation at the same time louder than shipping container buildings.

Until just a few years ago, shipping container buildings seemed mind blowing ideas by people who are extremely innovative. Nowadays, shipping container buildings are more known as what they actually are; very practical solutions for many structural problems. They are practical because they are cheap, very environmental, very fast to set up, and they are portable in most cases.

The Most Modern Container Buildings in UAE

The UAE is a port country which relies on the open sea and international waters to boost its status as an international trading hub. Ports, and especially ports with this amount of activity, are always filled with shipping containers, old and new, bigger and smaller.

This means that shipping containers off all shapes and sizes are available in the entire UAE and the cost of transporting them to any location in the country will be miniscule compared to almost any other place in the world. The growing city, the open mind of the people and developers of the cities, and the abondance of shipping containers have made the UAE into a home of many shipping container buildings, serving many different purposes.

Modern Buildings in UAE

No matter how much you modify them or what you decide to turn them into, shipping container buildings have an aura of modernity. The simplicity of their original look, the industrial look of the corrugated steel, and the solid box-like feel that they convey make the buildings made of shipping container look very modern in almost all cases.

The UAE has witnessed many great trends of design and architecture taking a corner of its cities, and has always been open to new ideas, and once shipping container buildings emerged and seemed to be more than just a momentary innovation and then proved to be very practical types of buildings, the Entire UAE embraced this trend and now we can see many shipping container buildings all around the country, each looking unique and serve their own special purpose.

What Can You Expect of Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping container buildings have many strengths, but maybe none more appealing as their costs. Building an entire structure using shipping containers is so much cheaper than choosing ordinary style material because of so many reasons.

First is that each space built by normal material, equal in size with a shipping container, will always be more expensive to build than buying a shipping container, and if you are planning to have a space bigger than a single shipping container, the cost of adding shipping containers together to create your preferred size

of space will be even more cheap, meaning that the bigger the structure, the more money you save.Shipping container buildings are also set up in a fraction of the time it takes to build a normal building, which means a lot of money will be saved on labor as well, plus you will start utilizing the building a lot sooner which means you get more out of the deal. Regarding matters other than economy, shipping container buildings are very eco-friendly. Not only you recycle material by reusing shipping containers, you are doing that without the massive energy needed to melt that volume of steel, and by doing so you prevent all the wasted material and energy which are normal during the process of building a traditional structure.

The Most Modern Container Buildings in UAE

In terms of quality of structure, you can’t go wrong with shipping container buildings. Shipping containers are built to be filled with anything that fits inside them, even extremely heavy cargos, and then they are designed to be stacked on top of each other while all of them are filled out.

So, considering that the standard is to stack 9 shipping containers on top of each other on a ship, a shipping container is designed to take the weight of 8 other shipping containers which are fully loaded with very heavy material, and it carries that weight for long periods of time while being subject to the harshest weather conditions and being constantly rocked by the ship movement. Building a structure with a few floors isn’t anything that would be strange to expect of shipping containers.

Where to Obtain Your Own Shipping Container Building

Our expertise is in modifying shipping containers into all types of different buildings, and we are located in Dubai! If you are considering purchasing a shipping container building of any type, you are at the right website. Here in Green Box Containers, we have been modifying shipping containers for a while now and know how to modify them into whatever our clients demand.

That is what we are proud of the most; that what we build has no limitations, and we are always bound by exactly what our clients want. When you approach us with any order for any type of modified shipping container building, we will hear all your ideas, requirements, and any particular wishes you have.

Then we will prepare a 2D model which you can edit and tweak all you want. Once you are finished editing that model and are fully satisfied with it, we will start the container modification process and deliver your shipping container building within 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our experts are ready and happy to provide all the details you might require.

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