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The Complete Guide on Shipping Container Architecture

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Are you looking for a durable, plentiful, and affordable construction to use as an innovative unit? Are you looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly, prefabricated house? Or maybe you want something to use as your home, studio, coffee shop, art gallery, or even a family house in the middle of the jungle?

Shipping Containers are the world trend that turns a simple metal box into a superb example of modernity, functionality, and creativity.

The containers in architecture are proven to be stronger, and the shipping containers can be easily modified to fit for different purposes.

The Complete Guide on Shipping Container Architecture

With the help of the Green Box, the containers are modified and converted based on the users' choice and requirements.

It takes about 30 days for the modified container to be prepared and be delivered.

Containers mainly have the same size in their width, and they can be found in two common standard heights and lengths.

If you are curious about the new look of modern architecture, keep reading this post.

What is a Shipping Container Architecture?

The shipping container architecture is considered a simple architecture that uses steel intermodal containers or shipping containers as a structural element.

The shipping container architecture is also known as cargotecture and even a portmanteau of cargo and architecture or better known as Arkitainer.

Containers are used as building materials. They have grown popularly in the past years due to their inherent strength, colossal availability, and low expense.

Recently, there have been even homes being built and created with the containers' help as containers have been considered very eco-friendly compared to the traditional materials used for the building purpose such as bricks and cement.

Another excellent example of container conversion and container modification was seen by the futurist Stewart Brand when he converted a container into an office. With the help of container architecture, it is easy to convert containers into modified houses, offices, cafes, kiosks, homes, and a lot more.

5 Types of Products with Shipping Containers

Different types of containers can be modified according to the needs and requirements of every customer. Let's see these different containers and their functions:

Container Conversion

Green Box has taken the role of converting and modifying the containers for the users. The technology and the modern designs go hand in hand with the conversion process, resulting in a charming and comfortable output.

It can be a container conversion to a lux kitchen, an intelligent house, military camp, or even as mentioned earlier, an office. Green Box is considered to be specialized in the field of converting and modifying empty containers.


As the name suggests, cargotecture means creating a building from steel shipping containers. It should be added that this trend has become very popular and a trend worldwide.

Cargotecture is capable of providing services that range from a schematic design, the development of the design, consultancy, and even the management of the project.

The Complete Guide on Shipping Container Architecture

Modular Building Manufacturing

At the Green Box, they are creative and innovative. The ideas will drop your jaws. Smart houses are built from shipping containers just because the containers are strong, durable, moveable, modular, and considerably cheap.

Building manufacturing can reduce waste and shortens the cycle of development compared to conventional build constructions.

Architectural Space Structure

Many shipping containers have been modified based on their size, use, location, and even appearance.

The process can save a lot of space and money, as buying actual flats and building are very expensive today! Today, the number of houses created from containers has increased rapidly, and it is all due to its advantages.

Firstly, it is cheaper, movable, pocket-friendly, can be designed based on the users' needs and choices.

Container Trading

The process of container trading has been available for years. Used containers are almost available across the world. Whenever the company or even country receives more containers as expected, the containers can be shipped in return.

As the shipping containers are not cost-effective, they have no actual use and can be sent back to their origin. Containers are mainly delivered and moved in trucks and cranes, and forklifts emplace them.

How Secure are the Containers?

According to the reviews and users' comments, containers are less secure than virtual machines because they are vulnerable. It can provide a way for the other containers that are sharing it.

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous effort devoted to developing software to enhance the containers' security and make them ideal in the past few years.

Some containers offer a container security solution that can notify the administrators whenever the container images have a vulnerability that can be exploited easily.

Hence, the containers are now very safe and can be trusted.

The shipping containers are strong as they are made up of Corten steel. Corten steel is corrosion resistant.

The Best Provider of Shipping Container

Green Box is the leading container conversion specialist, a leading choice for the steel's pre-engineering modular construction.

There is an innovative team associated with the Green Box along with a strategic group of companies. They are responsible for providing complete turnkey remedies of the services and products.

Green Box has is specialized in the process of manufacturing very high-quality container-based products.

They convert the shipping containers into smart houses, cafes, laundry units, urban homes, apartments, and even office buildings, workshops, labs, detention units, and a lot more.

Green Box produces based on the client's choice and preference as per the standards of the ISO.

The Complete Guide on Shipping Container Architecture

What is the Difference Between Shipping Containers and Storage Containers?

The shipping containers are ISO steel containers that can withstand shipment, storage, and even handling processes efficiently. These containers are generally synonymous along with intermodal freight containers.

On the other hand, the storage containers are available in different sizes and can be created from different materials. They are designed for projects that require storage, just like home construction sites, renovations, and moving.

The difference between them is not much.

The storage container is another term when the discussion is about the shipping containers, where one is used for shipping, and the other is the process of storing.

With the new technology and trend's help, we can now decide what to create with the containers and order. Green Box will deliver the finished container in a short period.


The recent use of containers in architecture is a creative way of expressing love to nature and modernity. Different types are created for different purposes to make life easier for us. The safety of the containers is developed, and there is nothing to worry about at all. You can have them in different shapes and units. These green box containers are made for people who need innovation, curiosity, and creativity.

Think about a beautiful scene where the cafes, smart houses, and everything around you is created with colorful shipping containers.

Doesn't it sound amazing?

Don't wait for more. Order your Green Box container NOW, and let them surprise you with their creative and innovative ideas.

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