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What are Shipping Container Homes? (Exclusive Guide)

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Shipping container homes are very cost-effective and worth it. The container homes are also customizable alternatives to the traditional homes in the suburbs, as it has been seen.

As the name suggests, container homes are homes created from shipping containers. The smallest shipping container can provide the consumers about 100 square feet of space for a shipping container home.

The most frequently asked question is, why are container homes being used and built? The answer is simple. Container homes are trendy and have a wider scope for saving money and fabricated and even modular homes.

What are Shipping Container Homes? (Exclusive Guide)

In this manner, we are going to read about the advantages and disadvantages of the shipping container houses, along with specific details about it.

What are Shipping Container Homes?

As described, a shipping container home is a dwelling made from nothing but steel shipping containers that are large reusable intermodal containers. These containers are used to transport goods mainly.

Shipping containers are seen in two sizes, 20 feet by 8 feet and 40 feet x 8 feet. The containers can be used as a standalone home or even a personal office e based on choice and preference.

Multiple containers can also combine the shipping containers to create homes such as tiny houses, silo homes, RVs. Not to forget, these alternatives are rising rapidly as potential homeowners seek out for different alternatives to be unique to the traditional houses.

What Are the Advantages of the Shipping Container Homes?

The first and foremost point to be mentioned about the shipping container homes is that they are durable, cost-effective, and finally customizable.

· The shipping container homes are rapid to construct. Some constructors are capable of building shipping container homes in less than a month. Hiring a team of experts who are talented and experienced is a great idea, but it can be a bit costly.

If you desire to cut down the hefty construction cost, you can purchase a prefabricated container.

· The container homes are known to be modular homes. They are easy to modify, and you can even combine multiple containers to create large homes along with a living room, dining room, extra bedrooms, and, why not, a container guest house.

· Shipping container homes are very durable. For the process of manufacturing, corten steel is used to build shipping containers. Those containers that are created from the weathering steel are able to withstand the weather conditions better as compared to the traditional houses.

· Container homes are very mobile. You can use the dedicated shipping services of transportation for picking up and replacing the off-the-grid single container houses wherever you desire in the world.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Shipping Container Homes?

If something has the advantage, then it is sure that it will have disadvantages as well. Here, in this case, also, the shipping containers do have notable disadvantages to be mentioned.

What are Shipping Container Homes? (Exclusive Guide)

· For container homes, one should obtain a building permit, which at times is very difficult.

· Shipping containers are not always eco-friendly, but new buyers always prefer converting the new containers into homes. The shipping containers that are already used are eco-friendlier. It highly depends on the history of the use of the container.

· The modern application on shipping containers can sometimes be challenging.

· The shipping containers often require reinforcements. The containers are created out of steel, and they can be compromised on the structural integrity and modifications.

· To be on the safe side, contractors should be hired to reinforce the load-bearing walls or even install the sloped roofs.

How Long Do the Shipping Container Homes Last?

It is believed that the shipping container homes last for up to 25 years and can even last further if they are well maintained.

Rust is the most common issue regarding containers that can reduce the lifespan of containers. Proper inspection of the container home is a great option.

The problematic areas have to be treated as soon as possible and repaired to reduce the chances of spreading the rust.

Which States Permit the Shipping Container Homes in the US?

The first thing that should be kept in mind is to find out which states permit the shipping container homes.

Container homes are becoming popular nowadays, and many people are becoming to start to show interest in the alternatives for buildings. Some states in the US do permit container homes, whereas the rest have stringent rules and norms.

Mississippi, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Texas, California, Alaska, and a few more allow the container homes.

In the states that the container homes are permitted, rezoning is also possible, but it might require specific paper works.

Do The Shipping Container Homes Have Any Values?

A shipping container home that is well maintained can be retained for resale values, same as the traditional houses. The container homes are relatively easy to resell, as they can be again reloaded into a truck and be shipped anywhere desired.

Before purchasing the container, keep in mind to see if it is created for your climate or not and, if not, inquire about the modification of it.

People usually go for container homes because they like to be unique, creative, and brilliant.

Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

Sometimes, it is impossible to know and understand what has been shipped in the container before reaching you.

What are Shipping Container Homes? (Exclusive Guide)

It can be anything starting from harmless consumer goods to even the hazardous materials of the industries.

In case the container has been used for such purposes, it can be a bit unsafe to be used as a home.

So it is better to know every detail about the containers and then use it respectively to build a home.

Are Shipping Container Homes Quick to Build?

As compared to the traditional houses, the shipping container homes are faster to be built. The simplest and smallest container homes are capable of being ready as a home in few days or even weeks.

This is based on the finishing work of the designer and the size of the container. The complex homes usually take at least about a few months and are still subject to the usual construction delays.

For the fastest creation of the shipping container homes, it is better to look for the companies that fabricate the offsite structure before the process of transporting the container into the area desired.

Are The Shipping Container Homes More Sustainable Compared to The Traditional Homes?

Based on the estimates, there are a lot of unused shipping containers in the world today. Receiving the new shipping containers is cheaper than the used ones to be sent back to the supplier. This means that some containers are discarded right after a single trip.

The process of reusing the shipping containers is an excellent example of buildings and materials that can be recycled. The shipping container homes can also be encouraged as a small footprint and less use of other materials like masonry or even wood.

In the end, choosing the correct container is considered to be the key for the owner.

The shipping containers have been surprisingly entering the life of people who desire to be unique and creative. The creation of homes and other places such as libraries, cafes, laboratories, and many more are seen today.

Shipping container homes are an excellent opportunity for those who cannot afford the expensive buildings and the traditional homes.

Along with so many significant advantages of being mobile, being cheap, container homes have attracted a lot towards themselves.

Though container homes are less expensive, you still need to pay for the land. In case the land is rocky or even steep, the shipping container houses are capable of being elevated, and you do not require to pay for the pricey excavation.

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