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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Police Containers?

Shipping containers have been an essential part of the international transportation industry for more than half a century now. They revolutionized the entire shipment industry, and their numbers grew with a gigantic rate, to the point that they are available almost anywhere in the world. It didn’t take long for them to be used as things other than big steel shipping boxes.

Most of their earlier structural type usage was as temporary rooms or storage units. After a while though, people started realizing their great potential for a great number of other uses, temporary or permanent. As time passed by, shipping container structures passed the test of time when more and more types of structures were successfully built using these robust metal boxes.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Police Containers

Among the types of shipping container structures which make great use of all its attributes are shipping Police Station Containers . They come in many shapes and sizes and they are practical in many ways. Here in this article, we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Shipping Police Station Containers

Cost Efficiency

Not only police stations, but any other type of public service building is always paid for by the people. That means that the budget is always tight, and every last bit of the money must be spent wisely and not the least bit of it should be wasted. That makes shipping containers the perfect candidates for building those structures.

The most important fact here is that shipping container structures are cheaper than any other type of structure which offers this much quality, but that’s not the only important fact. Whenever a traditional type structure is built, a huge amount of material is wasted. That’s just unavoidable. That means a lot of that precious budget is wasted on material and energy which ends up turning into unrecyclable waste. But if that same structure is built using shipping containers, the waste will be kept at a minimum.

You should also consider the fact that shipping container structures are set up in a matter of a few days, so the cost of labor will be far less than building a traditional style building as well.he fact that most of the waste produced in the process of shipping container structure are recyclable material could also save some costs, but recycling is something we will talk about later.


You might think that shipping containers are suitable for building only a few types of police stations, and you would be wrong. There are all types of shipping container buildings being used all over the world. From small portable ones, to gigantic apartments and offices. If you’re having a hard time imagining an entire office being built using shipping containers, consider that not only they can be cut and attached together to create many shapes and sizes of spaces, the space between them can also be used.

Their modular nature, and the fact that they are designed to be stacked on top of each other and carry a huge amount of weight mean that there aren’t any problems with building huge office buildings using shipping containers. Don’t take our word for it, there are many examples of huge shipping container structures, offices or apartment complexes. A brief search online will show you a great number of very successful results.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Police Containers


This is one of the first reasons police forces considered using shipping containers. There is always need for police presence in locations outside police stations, and some locations require constant police presence.

To address this need, police forces all over the world have come up with multiple types of solutions which are all similar; they are portable, they are relatively small, and they are secure structures which offer some comfort and a lot of practicality to the police forces using them. These attributes which we just listed can perfectly describe a shipping police station Containers, and this is by far and away the most common usage of shipping containers within police forces.

Environment Friendly

If we want to talk about a public service structure in the twenty first century, we can no longer afford to ignore the environment, and the damages we cause to the nature while building that structure. Shipping container structures have already prevented waste, as they are already recycled materials, ones which have required minimal amounts of energy to be recycled. Most of the waste caused during the process of modifying a shipping container comes in form of metal and steel, which are easily and fully recyclable (which also reduces the costs of building this structure).

Then take into account that if and when that building is no longer needed and should be demolished, all of its material is still recyclable, and it will require far less energy to disassemble such a structure compared to demolishing a normal one.

Whenever a shipping container structure is removed, it leaves minimal or no traces behind for the nature to dissolve. The addition of all of these points together present shipping container police stations as options which are not comparable to normal type structures when it comes to being environment-friendly.

Disadvantages of Shipping Container Police Stations


Although no type of building can claim to not be in need of maintenance, some require more maintenance than others, and although slightly, shipping police station containers still might require a little more maintenance than normal type buildings. Most of the maintenance comes in forms of repairing and replacing the paint or the cover used to avoid rusting of the metal, which means it won’t be expensive. But if they are not properly maintained, some parts of them might require being replaced.

Unorthodox Choices

Public service buildings usually give a sense of normalcy to all those within them, be it workers or general public attending them, and a shipping container police station is not ordinary or normal at all, at least for the time being.

Where Can You Get Shipping Police Station Containers?

Here in Green Box Containers, we are experts of modifying shipping containers into whatever our clients demand, and building entire offices is not something we are new to. Our prices and the quality of our work give great opportunities to our customers.

We can work with police officials every step of the way; from designing the police station to meet all their requirements, to building it, delivering it, and setting it up.If you have any doubts or questions regarding our work, or are just enquiring about prices and want to get a quote, please contact us. We are ready and happy to answer all your questions.

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