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What Determines the Cost of a Shipping Container Freezer?

Transporting food over seas and oceans wasn’t always as manageable as it is today. The temperature can get very high during sea transport, and the humidity is always high over water. That means perfect conditions for food and other types of perishables to go bad and lose all their value.

Shipping container freezers, commonly referred to as ‘reefers’, have been the ideal solution for this particular problem. Not only they fit perfectly in cargo ships and other transportation means, they are built to maintain the quality of their cargo in more ways than just keeping them cool.

What Determines the Cost of a Shipping Container Freezer?

Shipping container freezers are always on high demand, so much so that if you own one and are not using it, you can easily rent it to others who will immediately put it to use.

But what determines the freezer shipping container price? In this article we will try and explain that, although keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive rise in demand for shipping container freezers, and that affected the freezer shipping container prices. Other than that, here is a list of what normally affects the freezer shipping container prices.


First thing is the most obvious one. Shipping container freezers come in three standard sizes. They are 20ft, 40ft, and the popular 40ft HC. Each of the three sizes is highly in demand, but since the 40ft HC one is the biggest of them, it’s usually the one with most customers. Obviously, the bigger the reefer the more expensive it is. But it’s important to note that all three sizes are viable choices. You need to determine how much space do you need.

If you go for the smaller size, not only you save money while purchasing, you will save on maintenance and energy costs. So, calculate how much space you require carefully before choosing. It’s also important to note that each shipping container freezer can be almost fully loaded, if there is space left for air to circulate properly in the cargo. That depends on the type of cargo as well. If the temperature required for a certain type of cargo is very low, there usually needs to be more space between items inside to make sure that the cooled air is being properly circulated.

New or Used Container

Shipping containers are constantly being modified and repurposed into all types of other things. One of the most common types are shipping container freezers. These conversions can be done on new or used shipping containers. Obviously, new shipping container freezers are more expensive. Generally speaking, the newer the reefer is, the

What Determines the Cost of a Shipping Container Freezer?

Going for used shipping containers to convert them into reefers is not a bad idea. It’s usually better to make sure that the container wasn’t used in the past to transport hazardous chemicals, but other than that, a properly cleaned used shipping container isn’t all that different from a new one, so keep that in mind as well.


When it comes to used shipping container freezers, their condition is very important to determining their cost. You need to be sure that all the components (such as the refrigerator unit, the genset, and the ventilator) are working properly. The condition of each of those components can affect the price of the whole shipping container freezer. The condition of all the walls, paintjob, ceilings, doors, and the insulation is also very important.


The manufacturer can affect the price of the shipping container freezer a lot. The overall quality of their work, the experience of their crew, and the components they use all effect the overall price. As we mentioned earlier, there are a few main components that need to be installed in a shipping container to turn it into a reefer.

The refrigerator unit, the genset, and the ventilator are all vital components, and since they are built by many different manufacturers themselves, each of those can affect the price.

If you are just buying a used shipping container freezer, the seller can determine the cost as well. You can buy the very same product from two different vendors for two very different prices, so it’s usually good practice to take time and study the vendors a little bit.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Freezers?

Here in Green Box Containers, we are proud to be offering all the best qualities from top to bottom while keeping our prices in a very fair range. Our team of experts have turned many shipping containers, new and used, to shipping container freezers. The experience of our team ensures highest quality delivered as fast as possible.

The components we use have passed the test of time. If you are looking to buy a shipping container freezer, contact us. Our team is always prepared to offer their knowledge about all the details you need to know before making a purchase.

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