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What to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container Garage

Shipping container garages are becoming more and more popular. They are very practical and tick all the boxes of what a garage needs to be, while also being highly modifiable. But if you plan on getting on board with this trend and go ahead and buy a shipping container garage, there are things you must ask yourself.

It’s not about whether they are a good choice for you or not, it’s more about what you need to do beforehand or what type of a shipping container garage will you get. Many of the details about your specific garage will be dictated by your requirements and your limitations, but many of them will also be up to you and your preferences. Here in this article, we will split these matters in two stacks of what is up to you and what depends on your limitations, and will briefly talk about a few things worth considering before placing an order for a shipping container garage.

What to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container Garage

Things Which are Decided By Your Limitations

Your Space

This is quite obvious, but it has to be mentioned. You have to carefully measure the space in which you plan to install a shipping container garage, and if the space is big enough, you need to decide how much of it you want covered with a shipping container garage. A normal 40ft shipping container can hold up to two vehicles, maybe three if the vehicles are small enough, but it’s important to note that many people decide to use more than a single shipping container for their garages.

Some prefer to attach two 20ft shipping containers instead of 40ft ones and have their vehicles side by side. Some prefer to attach more for creating an ample space. Some of this is actually up to you if the space is big enough, but you are always limited to the amount of space you have.

Even if you are planning to have a mobile shipping container garage, you need to make sure that the locations which you intend to move this mobile garage to will be large enough to house the garage and leave a passage big enough for vehicles to be able to enter it. Either way, if your space isn’t suitable for a shipping container, you either need to modify the shipping container enough to fit your needs and requirements, or you need to go with another option entirely.

Planning Permits

It’s important to check your local laws in this regard. Shipping container garages can be portable, but if you are planning to make permanent structures with them, you will probably need a planning permit. Most people ordering shipping container garages intend to keep it stationary in a certain location, at least for very long periods of time. Usually, people decide to modify their shipping container garage to be something more and a little different than just the robust steel box which they initially are.

These mean that you need to make sure that you either don’t need a planning permit, or if you do, you acquire it properly, according to the laws and the specifications of your property and your preferred design.

If however, you are planning to have a mobile shipping container garage which is on the move often, you probably won’t need a planning permit. You just need to make sure that moving your garage into a new location will not disrupt anything in that spot.

Your Budget

This might sound strange but a shipping container garage can be very expensive. It’s not the general case. Shipping container structures in general are known for being very economic choices, and that stands true for shipping container garages as well. But if you decide to splurge and spend a lot of money on a shipping container garage, that is absolutely possible. A shipping container can be heavily modified. Doors, windows, floorings, insulation, paint, and a great number of accessories within can be chosen from a vast number of options, and some of them are extremely luxurious and naturally expensive.

What to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container Garage

It’s not something to be concerned over, since an expensive shipping container garage is not something that could happen without you specifically deciding that you want a very expensive one, but since the spending limitation is pretty high, you need to check your budget and decide how much modification you want and how much money you are willing to spend.

Things Which are Decided By You and Your Preferences

New or Used Containers

This will affect the price of your shipping container garage. Going with the new has its benefits which you can probably imagine, but going with used makes it cheaper, and after the modification process, there will be little difference between old and new. This however, a choice which is always given to anyone who wants a shipping container structure, so you are free to choose one, with consideration for your budget of course! The thing is that if you go for used, you can afford to spend more on details.

The Amount of Modification

Shipping containers are highly modifiable, and there are many things you can do to a container while turning it into a garage. Custom doors, windows, paint jobs, shelves and partitions, floorings, insulation, electrical equipment, plumbing, and many more options are available to you and you can go with what you like more and what suits you the best. Many people like having spare space in their garages for storage. Some like having little workshops on one side of their garage. All that matters is what you expect from your garage and how you want it, the modification will be possible with any design as long as the structural integrity of the containers are left intact.

Even portable shipping container garages can be heavily modified. Many people choose this type of garage for its efficiency and suitability for their work requirements, so having a storage, a small workshop, or anything else in a mobile shipping container garage is not strange at all. It’s all practical.

Where to Obtain a Shipping Container Garage

Here in Green Box Containers, we are prepared to offer you exactly what you would expect from a shipping container garage and more. We can help you come up with answers with all the questions we just mentioned, and we can give you exactly what you want and what you need. If you are planning to buy a shipping container garage, our company has a history of high-quality modified containers with very reasonable prices.

Once you approach us, we will talk about the specifics of what you want and prepare a 2D model. You can edit and tweak that model as much as you want. Once you are happy with the design, we will start the modification process and deliver your shipping container garage to your chosen location within 30 days. Just contact us, our experts are ready to answer any question you might have. We will stay with you every step of the way, from the design phase to delivery.

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