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What Type of Location is Suitable for Shipping Container Houses

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Seeing an entire house made out of shipping containers was a strange experience about a decade ago. We thought of it as an innovative and extravagant idea, rather than a practical one. As time passed though, everyone realized how practical shipping container houses are. The shipping containers themselves are very robust structures, but what most people didn’t know about them was how customizable they are.

Once that became more commonly known, everything else just made sense. They are cheaper than the normal material used to build houses, they are much faster to set up, they require little labor force and time, and they can be designed to be portable.But whenever we think of building a house, we have doubts about whether our situation is suitable for building a shipping container house. Then we ask ourselves, where can you build a shipping container house?

What Type of Location is Suitable for Shipping Container Houses

It is strange to write an entire article that can be summarized in one single word, and in this case that is “everywhere”, but that’s just the fact. With a little bit of modification, shipping container houses and residents can be set up absolutely anywhere.That being said, there are locations in which it’s far easier to build a shipping container house rather than a normal one. Here in this article, we will focus about those types of locations and environments.

What Type of Location is Suitable for Building a Shipping Container House

In the Mountains, Deserts, Jungles, and Other Remote Locations in Nature

Many of the pictures posted online which show shipping container houses are from mountain locations. Shipping container houses are actually very popular choices for places with higher altitudes. The reason for that is pretty simple; it’s far easier, cheaper, and faster to prepare a shipping container house somewhere else, probably a factory (like ours in Green Box!) and have it ported to a mountain top and install it there, than getting all the material, the machinery, and the workforce needed to build a normal house in that location.

In many cases it’s even impossible. Some houses or residents on the mountains don’t even have a proper road ending up in that location, at least nothing a vehicle could drive on. In those cases, helicopters are used to move the shipping container house to its destined location. Even considering the expenses of renting a helicopter, it’s still far cheaper and more convenient to go with shipping container houses rather than traditional ones.

As for the suitability of shipping container houses to mountains, it’s a very trivial process for a house made of shipping containers. Any house needs to be built with consideration of its environment, and shipping container houses are no exceptions. Some proper isolation, maybe some solar batteries on the rooftop for powering it up and some high efficiency air conditioning and heating mechanisms are needed for any house in that location anyway, and it’s easy to modify shipping container into houses which meet every necessary standard.

Mountains are probably the most difficult locations to set up a shipping container house on, but they are still the most practical solutions. Deserts, jungles, and any other remote location in the nature would make perfect spots for a shipping container house.

Just imagine that when a house is not maintained properly, it will leave a ruin, which will take serious effort or a very long time for it to be recycled by the nature. If a shipping container house is not used, it can be moved out of that location at any point with minimal effort, which makes them excellent choices for not altering the nature too much as well.

What Type of Location is Suitable for Shipping Container Houses

In Port Cities

There are many shipping container houses in cities. There is just nothing that is required in a city house that a shipping container house wouldn’t provide, and they come in many shapes and sizes, while they have many benefits such as lower costs, shorter building times, and portability. You can build a shipping container house in absolutely any city in the world. There are shipping containers everywhere, and they can be modified into houses with relative ease.

But the best cities for building shipping container houses in are port cities. There are a few reasons for that. First is that ports are always filled with empty shipping containers, so the prices of purchasing shipping containers are almost always lower in port cities. The second reason is that since they are close by, the cost of transporting them to your location will be very cheap.

The third reason is that the industries which build and modify shipping containers are almost always located in port cities, making it very convenient for people in port cities to access their services. Building a shipping container house in port cities just makes so much financial sense that we predict that in near future, most port cities in the world will be filled with shipping container houses.

Where Can You Buy a Shipping Container House?

Our specialty in Green Box Containers is all things regarding modification and maintenance of shipping containers. Shipping container houses are among our favorite products, and we are proud of the range of shipping container houses we can produce. From single container compact and portable houses, to huge luxurious designer houses, we can take care of all the needs of our clients.

When you approach us for a shipping container house, we will hear all your ideas and check out your land and its conditions. We then prepare a 2D model which you can tweak and edit as much as you like, as long as the structural integrity of the house remains intact. After you’re satisfied with everything about that model, we will start the modification process, and deliver your shipping container house to your chosen location within 30 days.

If you are considering a shipping container house, contact us. Our experts are ready to give you all the details you might need.

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