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What You Need To Know About Shipping Container Kitchens

Shipping container kitchens are practical solutions to many situations. As the popularity of shipping container buildings grows, special types of them are finding particular markets because of how well-suited they are to serve the intended function. One of these types of course, are shipping container kitchens.

These kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and they serve different purposes, although the final product of all of them is obviously food. In this article, we will talk about why shipping container kitchens are good choices, and the situations in which they are particularly practical.

What You Need To Know About Shipping Container Kitchens

Why Are Shipping Container Kitchens Good?

  • They are portable: First important thing about shipping container kitchens is that you can move them to almost wherever you want. Although you can use shipping container kitchens as stationary kitchens and never move them and they would serve their purpose perfectly well, there are countless situations in which the fact that they are portable is very useful and sometimes even vital for the business. Plus, you can put a shipping container kitchen almost anywhere, even inside another building if you can get it in there.

  • They are cheap and fast: Building a kitchen comes with its own set of challenges. From the building part to safety and health measures that you need to take care of. Preparing a shipping container kitchen takes far less time since most of the structure is already built, and the rest is done in a factory, so everything is done with far more precision and everything is done much quicker with higher quality. It takes far less labor to set them up as well, so the final product will be prepared much faster and cheaper than other types of kitchens.

  • Their designs are widely varied: You can get a kitchen with pretty much whatever design you desire, and whatever your work requirements dictate. This is important since what you need in a kitchen is very dependent on the service you’re providing. You might just need a temporary kitchen, or a very trendy pop-up restaurant. There are few limitations on what or even how big a shipping container kitchen can be.

There are many more advantages to a shipping container kitchen, such as easy maintenance and being resaleable, but listing them all is beyond this article. Now let’s talk about some different types of shipping container kitchens and the purposes they can serve.

Different Types Of Shipping Container Kitchens:

  • Workshop or office kitchen lounge area: You can repurpose a shipping container into a kitchen and put it anywhere, so it would make sense to use it just to feed your workforce rather than any paying customer. If there is enough space for a shipping container in a lounge, it’s very convenient to have a shipping container kitchen there, since you can move the kitchen if and when you need to move your workforce.

  • Pop-up restaurants: Pop-up shipping container kitchens are a popular idea, you can move them to wherever you think you can have more customers, such as events or busy locations. You can bring your own tables and chairs to create your own sitting area or you can just do a take-out restaurant.

  • Shipping container food truck: Food trucks are popular choices, specially in big cities and crowded areas. They are easily accessible and usually offer good prices for decent food. Shipping containers can be used very similarly to food trucks, they are not much more difficult to move and they offer more space to work in.

  • Remote location restaurants: In many locations in the world, it is difficult to build a restaurant, or sometimes it’s not convenient to do so. A shipping container restaurant can be built in a factory and moved to those type of locations. Be it in the middle of a desert or on top of a mountain, if there are people there, shipping container restaurants can be moved there.

  • Emergency kitchens: Just as shipping containers can be extremely useful as medical clinics or emergency housing, they can also be very useful to simply feed people in need. In aftermaths of natural disasters or conflict zones or refugee camps, it can be very helpful to have a fully functioning kitchen in site to provide food and avoid hunger.

  • Temporary kitchens: Sometimes you just need a kitchen for a short duration for whatever reason. Maybe you need to keep your catering business or take-out restaurant working while your main kitchen is being renewed or is not available for whatever reason, or maybe you just need a kitchen for a short event. There are many scenarios in which a temporary kitchen could be vital, and shipping container kitchens have all the properties required for an efficient temporary kitchen.

  • Normal trendy kitchens: You don’t need to go far to find a reason to use shipping containers as a kitchen. All sorts of buildings are being built using shipping containers, and restaurants, cafes, and kitchens are no exceptions. If anything, they are pretty trendy these days as well, so aside from the low cost and portability, you can add trendiness to the reasons to go for a stationary shipping container kitchen which can last and be operational for years.

Where To Get A Shipping Container Kitchen

Here at Green Box Containers, we have years of experience in repurposing shipping containers into various types of buildings and structures. We can be with you every step of the way, from the design phase to delivery and installation. First, we will hear your ideas and requirements about the exact type of shipping container kitchen you need or want.

Then we will prepare a 2D model, one you can analyze and give us your opinions about. We will update that 2D model according to your instructions until you’re satisfied with it, and then build your shipping container kitchen and deliver it to you within 30 days. Check out our website and social media for inspiration and contact us today!

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