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When to Consider Acquiring a Shipping Container Garage

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Shipping containers are the perfect size to store cars in. In fact, when cars are being shipped over seas and oceans, they are usually stored in shipping containers. That means that depending on the expectations of the owner, with a little or a lot of modification, shipping containers can be turned into perfect garages for almost all types of vehicles.

During the past few years, shipping container garages have become more and more popular. They are very practical and make a lot of sense both in terms of providing a secure place for your car and economics of doing so. Here in this article, we will focus on situations in which obtaining a shipping container garage makes the most sense.

When to Consider Acquiring a Shipping Container Garage

When is It a Good Idea to Buy a Shipping Container Garage

When You Change Locations Often

One of the first things which come to mind when we think of shipping containers is their portability. They are designed to be easy to move and turning them into a garage will, in all probability, do nothing to hinder that. Some people’s life styles just require them to change locations and move about often.

For those types of people, having anything and everything portable and mobile is just a blessing. If they can find a space to put the shipping container garage in, having a garage that they can move to their new residence is something that practically, no other type of garage of this security can offer.

When Your Work is in Temporary Projects in Various Locations

Another type of lifestyle which requires moving a lot, but this time we’re not talking about the residence, but about the work place. Many people work in projects which will eventually end and they will move to the next project. For these types of projects, sometimes massive work forces are set up in the new location, maybe even along with their own temporary residences in site.

Shipping container garages offer great value for this type of life style, especially when they are provided by the corporation which runs the project. Instead of setting up new garages for the workforces in every new project site, they can have shipping container garages prepared and have them moved whenever and wherever they are needed.

When You Want a Garage at Home But Don’t Want a Full Construction Operation

This is not about the mobility of shipping containers anymore. This is about how fast a shipping container can be modified in a factory, and then shipped and installed in its destined location. Most of us don’t like construction operations and all the hassle that comes along with them. It’s usually months of constant loud noises, a lot of dust and dirt everywhere, and no peace of mind.

If you are like that but would still want to have a proper and fully secured garage in your house, then shipping container garages are a great choice for you. They offer all the security and versatility which a normal garage will offer you, and you wouldn’t have to compromise in any regard. Shipping container garages are tailor-made for their owners.

If you want more space, you get it. If you want custom doors, you just order them. If you want shelves, partitions, security systems, a small workshop on the side, a big window on the other side, it’s all possible. Shipping container garages are highly modifiable and what type of end product they become is mostly up to you and what you decide.

When to Consider Acquiring a Shipping Container Garage

When You Want Proper Security and Don’t Want to Spend Too Much Money

One of the best things about any structure made by using shipping containers is how cheap they are, considering how robust and secure they are. Are there cheaper options? Probably yes, but are there any options which are cheaper and offer this much quality? Probably not. Our own answer is a firm absolutely not, but we say probably not to leave room for innovative solutions which work for certain situations.

A shipping container garage offers absolutely everything you would expect your garage to offer, that is because when buying one, it’s tailor-made for you. Its size, the way it looks, the equipment and facilities installed in it, and every other detail about it are things which you decide, and it will cost much less than a normal garage. Add to all of this the fact that the whole process of setting up a shipping container garage in your space will be very short, so you save up a lot of money on labor as well.

There is also the case that you have enough money to build a normal garage, but if you choose a shipping container garage instead, you will have more money to splash on a lot of things which you can install in your garage. In terms of economic, shipping container garages are amazing choices through and through.

When You Want an Eco-Friendly Garage

Shipping container structures are eco-friendly in many levels. The first is the fact that you are recycling a decent amount of material used in a shipping container, without actually having to spend all the energy to prepare them for their next usage. There are many shipping containers left unused in pretty much all the ports in the world, and it makes a lot of sense to use them for other purposes.

Another way shipping container structures are eco-friendly is that they are used instead of normal structures, which are far more energy consuming to build and they produce a lot of waste, which is not the case while building a shipping container structure.

Where to Obtain a Shipping Container Garage?

We spoke about tailor-made shipping container garages in the article. That is exactly what we do in Green Box Containers. When you approach us for a shipping container garage, we will hear all your expectations, and then we will evaluate your conditions and the space you own.

Then we will prepare a 2D model which you can alter and tweak as much as you want, our only limitation is keeping the structural integrity of the garage intact, and we have our ways to make sure of that. Once you are done editing the model and you are fully satisfied with it, we will start the modification process, and deliver your shipping container garage within 30 days. If you need any details or questions, just contact us. Our experts are ready and happy to answer all your questions.

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