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Where Can You Use Shipping Container Clinics?

Shipping container clinics are very useful medical units which have proven how useful they are over the past few years. Not only they can be put in remote places to provide vital care for those who are in need of it, they can resolve a great number of issues when it comes to specific shortages of medical facilities anywhere.

Shipping container units of different uses have grown massively in popularity lately, and although shipping container clinics are not as common as some other types (such as police containers or workshop containers), they have definitely proven their viability whenever they have been used, and recent events have only made them more popular. In this article, we will talk about a few of the many examples of great uses of shipping container clinics and medical units.

Where Can You Use Shipping Container Clinics?

In Remote Locations

There are some locations in which construction of medical buildings is rather difficult. That can be for any number of reasons. We might be talking about somewhere high in the mountains, where there are no roads for vehicles to reach there, but there are a lot of people hiking. It might be a case of a vast desert with no villages or hospitals nearby, which happens to be home to a popular tourist attraction.

It could be a remote village with no medical facilities for its own people. It could be difficult to get all the required material for building a clinic to these types of locations, and it could prove equally difficult to get the workforce required to build anything there as well. In some case, it might not be a good economic choice to build a full hospital in those locations. This does not mean that medical support is not required there.

To the contrary, some of these locations are in dire need of medical facilities. A prebuilt shipping container clinic can be easily ported to these places, and it can be the difference between life and death for many people. Shipping container clinics can come with many types of equipment installed to make sure that the relatively small clinic can provide great care for those in emergency needs.

Close to Special Events

Exhibitions, concerts, carnivals, and many other types of events mean temporary but massive concentration of population in a specific location. That location might be prepared for this size of crowds if that happens often. But if not, shipping containers can be used to address a great number of problems in these situations.

One of the first problems which is usually addressed in these occasions is the need for medical facilities. Accidents happen, and if there are no hospitals nearby, they could end up in disasters. Not only shipping container clinics can be great solutions for many types of minor problems, they can be moved when the even is over. The fact that shipping container clinics are easily portable makes them perfect solutions for these types of situations.

In the Aftermath of Disasters

Disasters happen. Natural or manmade, we are constantly witnessing disasters that cause many people to be displaced and in need of medical attention. We all have witnessed the occurrence of wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and many other types of disasters.

In the aftermath of those, there are many people injured and in dire need of medical attention. Shipping container clinics can prove vital in those situations. Having a number of shipping container clinics ready to be ported to any location can be a great idea, as the need for help is at its maximum in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

Where Can You Use Shipping Container Clinics?

For Temporary Hospitals

Here is something that we all witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic; the need for temporary hospitals. With the hospitals in the entire world overwhelmed by the massive number of people infected with the deadly virus, the need for temporary hospitals rose to an unprecedented high.

Many types of temporary hospitals and medical care centers were used all over the world, and among those were shipping container clinics. Since they could be moved to locations in which the need was greater, shipping container medical units were great solutions for the shortages that happened.

Shipping container clinics were also used massively for vaccination purposes. Overall, during the corona pandemic, there were many types of shipping container medical clinics designed and built to address the different needs that occurred. From single shipping container medical units with storages for vaccination purposes, to massive hospitals made out of many modular units of shipping containers.

For Addressing Specific Needs

Not all hospitals are equipped with everything that every single patient could need. Due to specific events or reasons, there might be great need for a specific type of medical service that hospitals in that area are not prepared to offer, or they could be able to offer it in a limited amount which is not sufficient.

With shipping container medical units, these types of requirements can be addressed and resolved. Shipping container medical units come in many designs. In fact, you can fit almost any type of medical equipment in shipping container units and have them ready to be ported to where they are needed. From simple hospital beds to ICUs, CCUs, and even radiology and X-ray units, shipping containers can be the answer to these emergencies.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Medical Units?

Here in Green Box Containers, we are prepared to address your requirements for medical units. We can repurpose and modify used and new shipping containers to be the solution of your specific problems. The design phase of these type of modified shipping containers is much more sensitive than many other types.

That’s because we need to make sure that everything is in perfect compliance with all the needs and standards of the medical equipment. Once our clients give us the green light after the design phase, we start our work on modifying the shipping containers, and we deliver the final product within 30 days.

Our team is very experienced in modifying shipping containers into all types of other uses, and any type of medical units is built with highest precision and quality. If you require shipping container clinics or medical units of any type, contact us. Our experts are ready to consult you and give you all the details you need, including prices and time frames.

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