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Where Can You Use Shipping Container Kitchens?

The way shipping containers are being used is changing. Although they still serve primarily as transportation units, the need to recycle them, and their robust, portable, and modular nature makes them great fits for many purposes other than transportation.

One form of modified shipping containers which is rising in popularity are shipping container kitchens. There are many needs which are answered more than adequately by shipping container kitchens. In this article, we will briefly talk about situations and locations in which it’s a good idea to use shipping container kitchens.

Where Can You Use Shipping Container Kitchens?

As Take-away Kitchens/Restaurants

Shipping containers come in a few different sizes, and every one of them can be great for certain types of kitchens. There are ways to design lounges and sitting areas for them, such as rooftop lounges or sets of tables and chairs in front or around them, but here we will talk about take-out type restaurants to cover a more general type of use; add sits and tables and more staff to the take-out and it becomes a normal restaurant.

Shipping container take-out restaurants can be set up almost anywhere. All you need is a flat surface and enough customers. It’s particularly easy to find good locations for them inside cities. Most Streets make perfect locations for them since they can take up one or two parking spots and face the street for convenient access for customers. It’s a good idea to set them up in neighborhoods with universities or great numbers of offices or other types of work hubs. All you need to do is offer a type of food which is different from other vendors and maintain a decent quality, and the profitability of your business is virtually guaranteed.

One of the great things about shipping container kitchens is that you can set them up anywhere, even in locations in which it’s difficult or impossible to set up other types of buildings. Imagine a mountain with many hikers and climbers passing daily, or a desert which is a great tourism spot. Shipping container kitchens are perfect means for people in those areas to access fresh food.

As Private Kitchens for Workforces

There are many companies which accept projects, move a great portion of their workforces to the site of the project, and once the project is done just move on to the next one. These companies need to feed their workforces every day, and shipping container kitchens are just perfect solutions for these situations.

It’s far cheaper for these companies to have one or more shipping container kitchens and move them along with their workforce, instead of setting up new kitchens in every new site or get into contracts with local restaurants to provide food for their workforces. Shipping containers are made to be easily moved around, and modifying them into kitchens does not change this fact about them. If anything, they give a sense of continuity and ease of job to the kitchen staff as well; the workplace might change for most of the other staff, but for them, they keep working in the kitchens they are used to.

Where Can You Use Shipping Container Kitchens?

As Disaster Relief/Refugee Camps

Usually, when a natural disaster happens, it is very important to provide temporary residence for the affected population. These temporary camps are usually built not too far away from their original place of residence, to give them a feeling of belonging. It is also observed that a sense of belonging to a community helps people in these difficult circumstances. Shipping container kitchens can be extremely useful tools in these types of camps. Anyway you consider it, people in these camps need food.

There is need for kitchens which can produce food in large quantities, and one or more shipping container kitchens can be great solutions for that. They can be moved to the location in which they are needed very fast, and they can start operating even faster. A kitchen distributing freshly cooked food can make a big change in the living conditions of people whose lives are massively distressed. It can cause a sense of normality, and it also gives people a place to gather for food and hence, a sense of community.

The situation in refugee camps is not too different. If the number of refugees is so great that a camp is required for them, they too have probably been affected by a disaster, natural or human-caused. Wars usually displace great portions of populations, and the countries which take in refugees usually need time to get everything to be in order before permanently allocating every refugee. In that sense, refugee camps are very similar to post-disaster camps, and their requirements are almost the same. Shipping container kitchens can be moved to these camps, serve a great purpose, and when it’s time, they can be moved to the next location where they are needed.

Where to Get Shipping Container Kitchens

Here in Green Box Containers, we have a lot of experience in modifying shipping containers into all types of things. We are capable of repurposing shipping containers into absolutely anything that our clients demand. Shipping container kitchens are among our specialties, since we have already built and delivered a great number of them.

We make sure that every shipping container kitchen we build meets all the specific requirements which our clients demand, while also making certain of all safety and health standards being in place. When you order a shipping container kitchen, our experts prepare a 2D model based on your requirements and choices. You will be able to make changes to that model as much as you like. As long as the structural integrity of the shipping container is not compromised, we can make any modifications you desire.

After you are satisfied with the model, we will get to work and start the modification process, and deliver your very own shipping container kitchen within 30 days.If you are considering having one or more shipping container kitchens, you are at the right place. Just contact us for all the details you need. We will deliver quality, and we will deliver it fast.

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