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Which businesses use shipping container freezers

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Shipping container freezers, also known as reefers, are widely used all over the world. Without them, the food and medicine industry and supply chain around the world would not look anything like what it is today. The efficiency with which they operate, the availability of them in every location around the globe, their mobility, and the room they provide are extremely convenient for many types of businesses.

There are many ways in which shipping container freezers work. Each business uses them according to their own standards and requirements. Some businesses have their shipping container freezers on the move at all times, while others don’t move them at all and use them as stationary cold storages. Here in this article, we will talk about a few different businesses and industries which make use of shipping container freezers very often.

Which businesses use shipping container freezers

Which Businesses Use Shipping Container Freezers

Restaurants and Cafes

If a restaurant or a café are bigger than a certain size, normal refrigerators and freezers will not offer sufficient room to store all the ingredients they need. That is why shipping container freezers are widely used in big restaurants and coffee shops. It isn’t that they need a mobile cooling system or a shipping container freezer in particular, they just need a big refrigerated or freezer room, and nothing in that class is as cheap, available, efficient, or easy to set up as shipping container freezers.

Depending on the type of restaurant or the type of specific ingredients they need for preparing their meals, the temperature of maintained in the shipping container freezer can vary. For vegetables and most type of dairies, a cool room of 4° C is common. Freezers usually go far colder and are usually -16° C to -20° C.

Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals

The pharmaceutical industry, just like the food industry, relies heavily on shipping container freezers. A great number of medicines will not remain intact without being constantly kept at a certain temperature, and that temperature can get very low. It is important for these medicines to remain in this temperature until they are consumed, which means from the moment they are produced, to when they are stored, to when they are shipped and sold, they must remain cooled, and there is simply not better solution for this situation than shipping container freezers.

Just like pharmaceutical companies, hospitals need to maintain their medicines, and the protocols of treating these medicines are mostly common between them. But hospitals need cold rooms for more reasons than just medicine. Most hospitals come with their own laboratories, and there are many things such as samples which need to be maintained in a cold environment. Again, shipping container freezers are excellent solutions for this.

Which businesses use shipping container freezers

Hotels and Temporary Residents

Hotels make use of shipping container freezers in a variety of ways. Some use them just like restaurants and cafes. Some use them as cellars for wines, since they need a specific temperature. Another way hotels use cold rooms are just like hospitals, to store large quantities of medicine. If the hotel is large enough, they might be different needs for a cold room, and if the temperatures they need are the same, it’s very convenient to have a shipping container freezer in a hotel and store every perishable in it.

There are many occasions in which temporary residents are used. Sometimes it’s for a big workforce which move around from project to project, moving along their residents with them to the new location. There might be an earthquake, a hurricane, a tsunami, or any other natural disaster, or even a war, which has caused people to lose their homes. In all these occasions, there is a need to store and maintain food and medicine for the large number of people residing in temporary residents, and shipping container freezers are the best choice for these situations.

Outdoor Events and Festivals

Any event and festival would mean many people attending, and that means much food consumed. For these types of temporary settings, there is simply no better solution than shipping container freezers. They can store a large amount of food in a safe temperature, while they can be moved into the location when needed and moved out with incomparable ease.

Shipping Companies

Last but not least, and perhaps obviously, shipping companies are probably the largest group using shipping container freezers. They offer their services to any and all other businesses and individuals who need to ship their goods, and if they require their cargo to be shipped in a certain temperature, that’s when they use shipping container freezers.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Freezers

Here in Green Box Containers, we do all types of shipping container modification and repurposing. Shipping container freezers are among our most highly demanded products, and we have much experience in building them.

Depending on the specific needs of our clients and the nature of their business and their needs, we can modify shipping container freezers to meet exact and specific standards.

If you are considering acquiring a shipping container freezer, contact us. Our experts are prepared to give you all the details you may require.

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