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Which Shipping Container Structures are Suitable for the UAE

Shipping container structures are becoming a normality in many locations in the world. They are practical as building blocks for many purposes so it makes sense that their popularity is growing in the world. Shipping containers in the UAE are also popular among many people and businesses.

As a growing country with many structures being built everywhere, and as a land with vast beautiful deserts and beaches and other tourist attractions, the UAE shipping containers could be utilized anywhere. In this article, we will talk about how can these UAE shipping containers be applied and used.

Which Shipping Container Structures are Suitable for the UAE

Coffee shops

Shipping container coffee shops are one of the most popular types of shipping container structures in the world. People’s openness to accept and enjoy new coffee shop trends have made shipping containers a widely used element in many coffee shops around the world. UAE shipping container coffee shops are also operational and available in many locations already.

Shipping containers are just very convenient for coffee shops; they can be moved to any location in which there is an event, they can be used anywhere from beaches to the middle of a desert, they can take any shape, form, or size, and they are affordable. There are weather conditions to which UAE shipping container coffee shops should adapt, but that is not difficult at all. Just design a proper roof to provide protection against sunlight, and use insulation, and just like any other structure in the UAE, some air conditioning.


Just like coffee shops, UAE shipping container restaurants are gaining more popularity. But there is still so much more that can be done with shipping container restaurants in the UAE. Shipping containers are perfect for building restaurants on the beach.

They can be used as all types of kitchens and restaurants; full restaurants with indoors lounges, kitchen containers with outdoor sitting areas, take-out restaurants which would only sell food without any sitting space, or even food truck like restaurants. They are also great for deserts. UAE’s deserts are becoming more and more popular tourist attractions, and safari convoys usually make stops in the middle of deserts. Those spots are great for shipping container restaurants.

Police Stations

Shipping containers are very useful for police forces around the world in general. Not only they can be used as portable storage units, they have a wide variety of uses within the force. They can be used to build entire police stations, shooting ranges, holding cells, training fields, simulation drills, and small portable police stations.

Those small portable police stations are particularly useful, as they can be installed anywhere in the city or even outside the city on the roads. There is always need for police presence in crowded areas, busy intersections, or on the intercity highways.


Shipping containers can be easily repurposed to serve as clinics and hospitals. It is quite convenient to have many of them built and prepared and deployed everywhere. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and shipping container clinics can be great ideas to address this need close to beaches and in the middle of deserts.

Deserts could be dangerous places, and as they are usually far away from medical centers, having portable shipping container clinics installed in various locations in the desert can save many lives.

Which Shipping Container Structures are Suitable for the UAE


Personalized and designer-built shipping container houses are popular everywhere in the world. They are very trendy, easy to maintain, cheap, and very fast to build. UAE is known for its residents’ taste for trendy objects, and a shipping container house is definitely trendy.

There are already great examples of UAE shipping container houses, and that is no surprise. As mentioned before, you do need to consider weather while building a shipping container house in the UAE, but you need to do that anywhere in the world when building a house, so there is nothing extraordinary about that.


Shipping container garages are another form of very useful and popular usage of these building blocks. You can find shipping container garages of all shapes, forms, and sizes around the world. Their minimum size could store a vehicle, but many people don’t contend with just one unaltered shipping container as a garage, and they modify shipping containers and add multiple ones together to build their custom-made garages.

They are sturdy and secure, and can look very trendy and stylish. There is also the fact that they are portable, so if you have something like a construction company or any other business with moving staff and operations, you could use the secure parking space offered by shipping container garages. UAE is a country full of construction sites, as there are buildings appearing everywhere in the country, so portable shipping container garages can be very useful.


UAE’s weather is amazing for swimming pools. With almost an entire year of sun and high temperatures throughout the year, owning a swimming pool is desirable for most people living in the UAE. Shipping container pools are convenient forms of swimming pools, as you can add them to any house or building without one.

They are easily portable so if you change location, you can add your old pool to your new house as well. They can be put almost anywhere with the ground hard enough to take their weight. In general, shipping container pools are very convenient ideas anywhere, and since the weather in the UAE is perfect for pools, they are amazing choices to take advantage of, plus they would be much cheaper than ordinary pools as well.

There are many more great ideas for UAE shipping containers, and that is what’s great about them; whatever you can think of is doable when it comes to shipping container structures, but naming all of them in one article is impossible. We hope that you have gained some general idea about what can you expect of shipping containers in the UAE, and give them a try!

Where to Obtain Shipping Containers in the UAE?

Here in Green Box Containers, we have years of experience in repurposing and delivering shipping containers. We can design and build all of the aforementioned shipping container structures, and any other type of structure you could possibly think of.

We can walk beside you every step of the design process. We will hear your ideas and requirements and prepare a 2D model for you, and update that model with your input until you are satisfied with it, and after that we can deliver your very own UAE shipping container structure within 30 days. Go through our website and social media pages for ideas and inspirations and let us know what you desire today!

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