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Why are Shipping Container Coffee Shops So Popular?

There used to be a time when seeing a shipping container coffee shop was strange and new. These rough looking transportation units hardly seemed to be something that could be used to build anything else, let alone trendy coffee shops. But these days, you can find them all around the world.

Although there are locations in the world in which you can find more shipping container coffee shops than other areas, seeing one of them is no longer surprising anywhere. So why is that? Why is this idea so popular and why has it grown so fast? Here we will look at shipping container coffee shops from two angles, from the point of view of coffee shop owners, and from the point of view of coffee shop customers.

Why are Shipping Container Coffee Shops So Popular?

Why are Shipping Container Coffee Shops Popular with Owners?

They are Cheaper than Ordinary Coffee Shops:

Generally speaking, you will probably save a lot of money if you choose to build any type of structure with shipping container rather than normal materials. You also save a lot of time, which means less labor and less cost in that area as well. Coffee shops are no exceptions. A coffee shop is a business and usually, its first and last objective is to make money, so saving money while setting up the business is always attractive to coffee shop owners.


Usually, when you open a coffee shop there is always that risk of everything not going according to plan. You pay a lot of money at the beginning, but you don’t make enough in the following period to call it a profitable business. In fact, the majority of coffee shops close down their businesses within one year of opening up, that’s because once you commit, you can’t change anything, and if it hasn’t gone well, there isn’t much you can do without spending a lot of money again. That is not the case for shipping container restaurants. You just pick them up and set them up at another location. It’s easy as that. You will surely find the right location for your coffee shop, because you can keep trying if you don’t like the old location. Plus, you can always choose to have one of those pop-up coffee shops which are constantly moving to locations in which there is an event going on, so you will always be sure that you will get a lot of customers.

Resale Option:

Any type of coffee shop can be considered something you can resale, but shipping container coffee shops take that to a whole other level. The most important thing about their resale ability is that the price won’t drop nearly as much as other types of coffee shops. That’s because of the fact that if you’re selling a normal coffee shop, it’s probably because you don’t think you can make enough money if you keep it, while that is not the case with shipping container coffee shops. You know that your market is somewhere out there, you just have to find it.

Why are Shipping Container Coffee Shops So Popular?

Paying rent is probably the highest expense in most coffee shops around the world. While there are so many examples of shipping container coffee shops which are paying rent, usually the rent is much lower than renting a location in a building. That’s because shipping containers bring their own structure, so you will probably only need a space in a free land to set up your coffee shop. There are also locations that you can find for which you wouldn’t have to pay rent, and just paying the city taxes will cover you in that regard. Removing or reducing the amount you are paying as rent can be a massive boost in the profitability of a coffee shop.

Why are Shipping Container Coffee Shops Popular with Customers?


Shipping container coffee shops are still relatively new concepts, and people tend to love new ideas when it comes to choosing coffee shops to buy from. It hasn’t been long since shipping container coffee shops have made their way into the fold, and since they are so flexible in terms of design, it’s very probable that the shipping container coffee shop you see on your way to work is one of a kind, and if their design is appealing enough, people tend to give them a try soon enough.


Shipping container coffee shops are usually set up and located in places in which there is a high demand for them, because if there is low or no demand, they’ll just pack up and move somewhere else. That makes them very convenient, as they reduce the time people need to spend in commute from their work places or homes to get a cup of coffee. Sometimes the best option among different coffee shops is simply the closest one.

Lower Prices:

As we explained before, there are so many ways through which a shipping container coffee shop business can cut costs, and that makes them capable of lowering their prices to find more customers without harming their profitability. This means that you as a customer, can get the exact same or even more quality for lower amounts of money spent. This makes shipping container coffee shops very attractive to the working class who might frequent them every day.

Where Can You Obtain a Shipping Container Coffee Shop?

In Green Box Containers, shipping container coffee shops are among our specialties. We enjoy designing unique new coffee shops, and we welcome customers who come up with their own designs. We are very experienced in converting and repurposing new and used shipping containers into all types of structures, mobile and stationary, and we take care of all your repairing and maintenance requirements as well.

We prepare 2D models for customers to check out the design, a model they can change as much as they desire, and once they are fully satisfied with the model and give us the go ahead, we will modify shipping containers and deliver them within 30 days. If you are interested in having a shipping container coffee shop, contact us. Our experts will be happy to consult you and inform you of the prices. Take a look at our website and social media for inspiration and give us a call today!

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