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Why are Shipping Container Freezers So Important?

For a while now, people have been coming up with new ways to use shipping containers. They used to be known only as big transportation boxes, but since they offer a great mobile structure, there is an abondance of them pretty much everywhere, they are relatively cheap, and it’s a good idea to modify them and avoid wasting energy and resources to recycle them, they have become popular choices for replacing many types of buildings.

But as popular as their new forms are, the older forms of shipping containers are still very high in demand. One of the most used forms of shipping containers are freezers. Shipping container freezers have been a vital part of the international supply chain for decades now. In this article, we will talk about the reasons for the importance of shipping container freezers.

Why are Shipping Container Freezers So Important?

Standard Sized Freezer Storages

Back in the 1950s, a trucking company in the United States wanted to come up with a method to maximize their efficiency in getting entire cargos loaded onto shipping vessels. By coming up with this particular method which are shipping containers, they changed the shipment industry in the entire world.

Since then, shipping containers kept being more and more widely used until they were used absolutely everywhere. The standard of shipment is now, and has been for a long time, to get everything to fit seamlessly into shipping containers. That is why the vast majority of packages in the world are designed with sizes which makes them capable of perfectly filling a shipping container.

Since shipping containers are the defining standard for any and all shipment, perishable goods have to follow those standards as well, and what better storage unit to use for moving them about than freezer shipping containers? Every normal temperature shipment has been vastly improved and become more efficient by using the shipping container system, so it just makes sense to use the same standard for perishable goods. The only difference is that you need to do it in a lower temperature and follow a few more standards to make sure hot pockets of air are not trapped anywhere in the cargo.

Land and Sea

Gone are the days in which food, medicine, and other perishable goods had to be provided from nearby sources. Nowadays, the international food chain is so entangled together that it’s difficult to determine the full damages of any big player not doing their part for any period. A pause in the production of a food company in eastern Asia can cause a spike in prices in Western Europe or America. The reason we can have this huge food and medicine network covering the entire globe in the first place are shipping container freezers. No system with more efficiency has been thought of until now, and it’s difficult to imagine that anything will for a very long time in the future.

It's important to note that shipping container freezers are this efficient because they can cover all periods of shipment from land to sea to land again. You fill up a freezer container and close it up, and the next time it opens it will be at its destination. Shipping container freezers come with their own power reserves, which means that during transition periods when they are disconnected from the power sources of ships or vehicles, they can preserve perishables just as well. In short, moving perishables to the other side of the planet would not be possible without shipping container freezers and all the infrastructure that enables them.


If you want a system to be more efficient, it helps if more people are using it. The more people use it, the closer it becomes to being called the standard. If everyone is using it, it will be the only standard. Shipping containers are as efficient as they are because everyone is using them. This system would not be nearly as efficient as it is if it was not easily available to all.

Today, if anyone wants to move perishable goods, they have access to it within a few hours of requesting it, or even within minutes. This might seem obvious and not important, but it is only so because of the fact that shipping container freezers are just that available around the world. This entire system would just not be as efficient as it is if it was not as available as it is.

The Stationary Freezer

Not everyone uses shipping container freezers to transport goods. They are just as viable as stationary freezer storage units. Many businesses require big freezer storages. Restaurants, coffee shops, pharmaceutical companies, fruit and vegetable distribution companies, and many other types of businesses would just not get through a single day if they don’t have huge freezer storages, and shipping container freezers are perfect options for many of them.

They are reliable, available, can come in a few sizes that can satisfy most needs, and are cheaper options than most other types of freezer storages of that size and quality. Although we are talking about stationary storages, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever move. Maybe the entire business wants to move to another location, and when that day comes, the fact that this huge freezer is so easy to move around can prove to be very convenient.

Where to Obtain a Shipping Container Freezer?

If you are considering acquiring a shipping container freezer while reading this article, you don’t need to search any further. Here in Green Box Containers, we have a long history of modifying shipping containers into many other things, from houses to coffee shops. One of our products which is always very high in demand are shipping container freezers. We produce them in great numbers, and we produce them with great quality.

There are many options you can consider before making a purchase. You can go for new containers to convert to freezers, or you can choose used ones. You can go for standard freezers, or you can have any design which is convenient for your very own and unique situation. Whatever you need in a shipping container freezer, we will deliver it with great quality, reasonable price, and we will do it very fast. Contact our experts for more information, we are ready and happy to provide any details you need.

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