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Why Should You Consider Having a Shipping Container Office

Shipping containers are very versatile when it comes to being used as structures. You can build almost any type of structures using them, since they are robust and can be stacked up on top of each other or side by side.

Among the many types of buildings or structures which are made out of shipping containers, shipping container offices are very versatile in their own right. But what makes shipping container offices even viable choices? What is so good about them? Here in this article, we will talk about some of the reasons which make shipping container offices popular choices.

Why Should You Consider Having a Shipping Container Office

They are Cheap

An office is a work place, and any work place has to pay very close attention to its budget. Shipping container structures are much cheaper than other types of buildings in general, since almost all of their cost is paid when you purchase the shipping container(s). For the quality and robustness they offer, shipping containers are very cheap.

They could cost even less if you choose used shipping containers instead of buying new ones. There are plenty of used shipping containers in any port in the world, which means that they are available pretty much anywhere in the world, and that reduces their price as well.

They are Portable

There are many types of businesses which require a lot of office work in locations which are constantly being changed. Renting new office spaces constantly and modifying them to meet all your requirements can be very expensive. Shipping container offices are great solutions for this type of businesses. Instead of finding new work spaces, you can take your workspace with you. Not only you can save a lot of money on rents and deposits and all the redecoration works, you also have next to no interruption in the office work. You also give workers in the office a sense of continuity in workspace which makes them be more efficient and comfortable in the long run. Portable offices can be designed however you need them. They can come with their own bathrooms or even kitchens.

They are Modular

Shipping containers are modular by nature. They are designed to be stacked together from all sides, and that makes them perfect for modular type buildings. This makes them a great option for buildings with modular spaces, and offices are usually modular. With shipping containers, you can create a massive workspace which is separated into many units for individual workers.

If your shipping container office is stationary, you can have any design that you can think of. You can create big common areas by adding a few of the bigger shipping containers together, and the modular nature of shipping containers just makes it easier to create smaller spaces as individual offices. If your office is mobile, the fact that shipping containers are modular is just very convenient. You can have offices in many locations, and know that if you ever need to move some of them to another area, they can be put together very efficiently.

They Can Fit Into Any Space

Shipping containers come in a few different sizes. Considering the fact that you can cut the smallest ones into smaller pieces, you can fit a shipping container office almost anywhere. All you need to think about is where do you have some spare space.

You can put them in a backyard, a rooftop, a balcony, in a construction site, a parking lot, and anywhere else. You can even fit them inside other buildings. If you can’t put them in as a whole, you can cut them into pieces and easily put them back together inside another building.

Why Should You Consider Having a Shipping Container Office

They Provide Every Option a Normal Office Would

Many people think that choosing shipping containers as offices means less options, less comfort, or les facilities in the office. That is not true. The interior of a shipping container structure can be everything a normal structure’s interior is.

There is nothing that you can do inside a normal building that you can’t do in a building made out of shipping containers. Shipping containers just happen to offer more options on the mobile front, and that’s the only difference in options between normal offices and shipping container offices.

They are Eco-Friendly

Gone are the days in which corporations could fully ignore the environmental consequences of their choices. We are living in a period in history when we all need to take better care of our planet and its precious environment. By going with shipping container offices, you are making an environmental choice in many different ways.

First is that you are recycling. Many shipping companies prefer to build or buy new shipping containers instead of shipping empty ones back to be reused. It makes them save money on the wasted space of an empty shipping container, while also helping them waste less fuel, and that’s even without considering the cost of labor.

There are many used shipping containers just sitting around and waiting to find a second life via another purpose. Shipping containers are robust steel boxes, it’s easy to find other purposes for them, and since they tick so many boxes for good offices, they could be conscious environmental choices. It’s also important to note that it’s quite easy to properly insulate them, which makes them great energy saving units on both cold and warm environments, making your office’s carbon footprint even smaller than it was.

Where Can You Obtain Shipping Container Offices?

Here in Green Box Containers, we have already built and delivered many types of shipping container offices. Not only we have many common designs ready for you to choose from, we can make modifications to these designs to make sure they meet all your requirements. Our team is very experienced in every phase of the work, from helping our customers to choose a design that meets all their requirements, to modifying and repurposing shipping containers and delivering them.

We do the modification process in our own factory, which means that every product is built with the highest quality and very high efficiency. After our clients choose a design, we start the modification process, and deliver the end product within 30 days. If your business requires shipping container offices, you’re at the right place. Just contact us for more details on prices, our experts will be ready and happy to provide all the other details you might require.

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