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The shipping container garages

Thinking about having homes with container garages or planning to construct a container garage and sell.

Give your ideas and wants, we will give you our words and a final output desired by you.

Why Approaching the Green Box Is a Good Idea?

  • Green Box speaks loud and it talks about trust and punctuality when it comes to service.                                                                    

  • It has innovative ideas to ‘wow’ the clients with the final output they provide.                                                                                    

  • On your request, the Green Box will prepare a 2D model for you.                                                                                                     

  • So far they have received positive and satisfactory feedbacks. 

The shipping container garages

Why The Choice of Choosing Container Garage Is a Great Idea?

For further information, you are welcomed to read the complete guide on the shipping container garage.

  • Shipping container is a suitable idea for the preparation of garage.                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • You can make a garage using a single container or make it bigger with the help of more.                                                                               

  • The container garage can be attached to your home or be placed separately away from home.                                                                               

  • The container garage can be totally closed or have additional shed to it.                                                                                                                

  • The garage can have more than one entries to it based on your choice.

How Can You Make a Shipping Container Garage?

Step 1: Take a minute and read about the Green Box and their services they provide for preparing container garage.                                

Step 2: Provide them your side of ideas and desires, and accordingly the company will hand over a 2D model.                                        

Step 3: Once the model is accepted and approved by you, its action time.                                                                                                        

Step 4: The final step is the fixing of the container garage by our team of professionals to the site you desire.

The shipping container garages

 How much does a shipping container garage cost?

Based on the location, model and the size of the container garage you are seeking for, the value will vary accordingly. Providing exact cost of the garages are not possible until and unless we know the actual size and type of the container you are looking for.               

To know about the actual cost of the process, the best idea is to contact the team of experts now.

The Statistics Provided by Our Company



Units Made

How to Be Lucky to Have a Container Garage?

Having an additional part added to your home or as a separate part as a garage is a great and tempting idea.

The Green Box has the aim of providing the feeling of safety and security to you. You can keep your cars and even certain things you desire to keep safe there if you lack of place in your house.

Garage is a great place to keep belongings that are not suitable to be kept at home. While approaching Green Box you can be sure that there is no additional expenses and unnecessary costs associated with the conversion of the container to a garage.

If you choose Green Box, there is no turn back and no regrets. We can assure you on our behalf.

The Suitable Design and Plans of the Container Garage for Our Clients

Shipping container garages can be made and prepared on different shapes and size based on the area and the requirements of our clients.

The best samples are placed below. Feel free to see and choose.

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