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All About the Home Containers and Home Plans

Owning a house today is difficult as a result of the high rate and huge expenses available. But this does not mean that having a home is an impossible task.

The shipping container homes luckily came into existence and made life a bit easier and affordable. With the help of container homes, you can create your own home in different sizes and shapes without worrying about specific facts available in existing building homes.

Be the one who gets the shipping container home and lives happily ever after.

Why Choosing Green Box Is a Great Idea?

  • The experts in Green Box are ready to be at your side till the final product is ready to be handled.                                                               

  • Speedy work with the best design and handling process will be provided to you by Green Box.                                                       

  • According to the feedback, we are faithful and the best in what we do for our clients.                                                                          

  • Creating a 2D model will be done by a team of experts, and you can see the project before getting prepared.                              

  • Your trust is what we work hard for, and our word is what satisfies the clients.


Why Are Home Containers Good and Worth It?

For more detailed information, feel free to go through the complete guide available on the official website of the Green Box.

  • Shipping home containers are more affordable as compared to traditional buildings and homes.                                                                              

  • It gives the feeling of happiness and ability to the individual to have a home.                                                                                                       

  • The clients can provide their design to the experts and later decorate the home containers based on their choice and preference.                                                                                                                                                        

  • Home containers are present in different shapes and sizes, according to the preference of the clients and the budget.                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • In a short period, you will be the proud owner of the home container made by shipping containers.

How Can You Have Your Home Container Today?

Step 1: If you desire to know everything in detail regarding the home containers, it is more advisable to read the details about it on the official website of the Green Box.

Step 2: Based on all the suggestions and ideas you provide, we will hand over a 2D model before preparing the home container.

Step 3: As soon as the clients approve the model, we will start the preparation stage.

Step 4: Once the construction of the home container is over, it will be handed to the clients by our team of experts at the desired site.


How Much Does a Shipping Home Container Cost?

Shipping home containers are available in different sizes and shapes. According to your budget and area, you can decide to make the home container bigger or smaller.

The cost will highly vary on the size of the home container, so if you desire to know the actual price, it is better to contact our experts and give them your specifications. Based on the specifications, our experts will tell you the cost.

The Statistics Provided by The Company So Far



Units Made

How to Be Lucky Enough to Have a Container Home?

The only thought of having a shipping home container sounds so lovely and pleasing. When you can have the home containers easily without any extra and additional expenses, why not?

Green Box is an expert in converting shipping containers, and you can rely on their work and services. They never let their clients down.

Timely and quality service, starting from the initial stage of planning till the last stage of fixing the containers, is done by the Green Box.

Green Box speaks the loudest when we talk about trust and loyalty, customer satisfaction, and excellent service.

The Best Design and Plans of the Home Containers for You

You can see the availability of home containers in different sizes and shapes.


It is up to the client to choose the suitable design from the samples provided below by Green Box.

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