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Workshops Shipping Container

If your profession or hobby has anything to do with workshops, you already know how many different options you have available when considering getting your own workshop. Sometimes you just turn a room in your house into a workshop, and sometimes you can turn a gigantic warehouse into one. But the differences between workshops do not end in their sizes. Each workshop is intended for a certain functionality, and it only finds meaning in that certain function.


The spaces inside it, the tools inside it, and everything else should be designed and thought of according to that purpose and function. So, if we want to say some place or something can be a great workshop in general, it has to be very versatile and tick a lot of boxes. 

Enter our own specialty, which are modified shipping containers. In general, modified shipping containers are extremely versatile. Just consider how many different things can we build out of them; swimming pools, garages, houses, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, apartments, and many other things people have already done, plus all those things that people haven’t thought of yet.


A shipping container workshop can serve many purposes and can be designed in very specific ways which would be convenient to those who are using the workshop. Here in this article, we are going to talk briefly about shipping container workshops and why should you consider them. 

Why are Shipping Container Workshops Worth the Pay and Wait? 

Well, first of all, you don’t have to wait much for a shipping container workshop. The entire modification process of a shipping container can take only a few days, and if there are a great number of details which should be taken care of, the time needed to prepare them won’t exceed a few weeks.


Compared to most different types of workshops, shipping container workshops are among the fastest to build. 

workshop shipping container1.jpg

It gets better when you consider their prices. For a structure of this durability and quality, it’s difficult to imagine getting better prices. You can find shipping containers all around the world, and a great percentage of them are just sitting in a warehouse waiting to find a new purpose. Their availability in almost the entire world means they come in very reasonable prices, especially if you choose to repurpose a used shipping container into your workshop. 

Now let’s talk about what shipping container workshops can offer in terms of practicality. A shipping container workshop can be portable. That is just invaluable to many professionals and many businesses. There are so many different types of businesses and professions which require mobile workshops. That is because not only they need their very specific tools available to them in different locations, but they also need a space to work in, and all the storage that comes with a workshop.


Instead of moving the devices on their own and setting them up in every new location, many people and businesses are turning into using shipping container workshops. Not only they offer a very safe and easy way to move valuable equipment to the location in which they are needed, they offer all the conveniences of a familiar workspace, including all the storages for tools and materials, plus all the optional details such as the comfort of air conditioning systems. Shipping container workshops just make sense in so many different ways. 

How Much Does a Shipping Container Workshop Cost?

That depends on many things. What size of shipping container do you need? Are you planning to modify a new shipping container or a used one? How much do you intend to modify the shipping container? 

We talked about how the mobility of shipping container workshops is very convenient to many, but that doesn’t mean that every and all shipping container workshops are mobile. There are many reasons to choose shipping containers as the material to build a workshop, and many of these reasons have nothing to do with mobility. Many shipping container workshops are built by adding two or many more shipping containers together. In many cases around the world, shipping containers have been used to build structures which are meant to be recyclable, or easy to remove later on.  

The price of a shipping container workshop can be as different as there are different types of shipping container workshops. If you want a quote, contact us and let us know the specifics of your needs, and we will give you the approximate price of what you want. The more details you have, the easier for us to give you a more accurate price. 

How Can You Have Your Own Shipping Container Workshop? 

It’s easy, just contact us and we will help you along every step of the way. If you have made up your mind about owning a shipping container workshop, you need to decide about the details and specifics of the exact product which will be optimal for your work.


Once you provide us with those details, we can get to work and start the design phase. Once we are finished with the initial design phase, we will offer you a 2D model of the workshop.


You can edit and tweak that model as much as you like, our only limitation is making sure that the structural integrity of the workshop remains intact. After you are fully satisfied with that 2D model, we will start the modification process, and deliver your own tailor-made shipping container workshop to your desired location within 30 days. 

workshop shipping container2.jpg

Why Choose Green Box?

We are a company with a very experienced workforce who have already turned many shipping containers into many different things. Not only we offer a level of quality which will give you ease of mind, we offer great and fair prices as well.


We will also be there for you through the entire process, from design to delivery, and even maintenance later on. Our main wealth in Green Box Containers is the satisfaction and the great feedback of our customers, and we do not take customer satisfaction lightly. 

If you have any questions about any detail of our work, from specifics of certain orders to prices, just contact us. Our experts are ready and happy to answer all your questions. 

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